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You have big dreams for yourself and for the world—and we want to help you achieve them.
Our Entrepreneurship Program is specifically designed to equip you with the business-level skills and technologies that you need to get an edge in the modern business world. Whether that’s working with others on a team or starting your own company, navigate the digital economy with innovative ideas, sound values and sustainable initiatives.
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Unlike most Entrepreneurship and Business Management Programs, CIIT goes beyond the usual expectation of discussing classroom concepts and creating traditional business models and transforms the experience by also adding digital platforms and business-level tools to allow you to turn your ideas into real tech startups, or value driven workplace game changers. 

On top of this, you will be interacting with CIITs ecosystem of digital artists, designers, and developers giving you a unique advantage of partnering with other young professionals to help design and execute tech solutions. Imagine having a business concept where your Multimedia Arts friend can design the UI/UX and website, while another friend helps ensure programming codes are clean and bug-free, while you focus on how to commercialize and promote the mobile app and handle the digital marketing aspect. 

1st year

  • Entrepreneurial Behavior
  • Opportunity Seeking
  • Digital Business Modelling
  • Innovation Management
  • Management of Technology
  • Social Entrepreneurship

2nd year

  • Computer Programming 
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Market Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing 1
  • Financial Management

3rd year

  • Digital Marketing 2
  • Application Development and Emerging
  • Technologies
  • Web Design
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

Software Programs and Applications


Airtable is a tool that combines spreadsheets and databases to make online collaboration easy and appealing. It is a perfect collaborative app to take the business to the next level with its powerful solutions including helping entrepreneurs build applications to modernize workflows. BS Entrep students will be immersed in using this tool to get a head start on creating powerful business solutions.

It’s pretty easy to build web applications today for better business outcomes even with zero-knowledge in coding. Bubble.io is a powerful tool to make that happen. In CIIT, students are introduced to this tool to help them design, develop and run their own digital products or solutions that can make business processes more efficient. If one is also dreaming to start their own tech company, mastering Bubble.io is the way to go!

The Entrepreneurship Program at CIIT is unlike any Business Management course because our curriculum went beyond the usual business concepts and models taught in most universities. We focus on providing you with specializations on tech and digital platforms and business-level tools that are key to the success of most entrepreneurs and businesses today. At CIIT, you will be able to:

  • Work out the social media algorithm to market your products efficiently; 
  • Develop mobile applications that help your business better cater to the needs of your clients; 
  • Run campaigns that grow and sustain your customer base. 
  • Analyze financial statements with the latest software to make effective decisions. 

In this day and age, there is no successful business without a digital presence and we aim to assist you in becoming an entrepreneur of the future. Technology goes hand in hand with innovation and you’ll learn how to harness it in order to run your own successful start-up or organization. 

We’ll also make sure you won’t go into building a startup alone! At CIIT, we have an ecosystem of digital artists, designers, and developers whom you can team up with to make your business concept a reality. Networking with people who can help you with your visual branding needs, website design and development, and even, creating mobile apps for your business are just one tap away. Plus, you will also be guided by experienced mentors from the industry. You’ll find a rich network of partnership opportunities with industry leaders and professionals.

  • Entrepreneur or Technopreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Social Media Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Systems/ Management Analyst
  • Project/ Product Manager 
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Business Consultants


  • 50-100% fee remission
  • Offered to incoming freshmen students with excellent SHS grades


  • 20% fee remission
  • Offered to the top 50 successful applicants of the CIIT College Admissions Test

Interested students should follow the admission procedures for applicants and pass the Admission Exam before proceeding with the Scholarship application, details can be found here  


Take pride in being part of a close-knit Art and Tech community that offers a safe space for creators and innovators from diverse backgrounds. Collaborate, share your skills with peers, express your unique self and pursue what interests you.
Develop mastery of the required industry skills and competencies under the guidance of an experienced pool of Faculty. Acquire a well rounded balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills from credible business practitioners.
Jumpstart your career with a curriculum based on the latest industry trends! Join workshops and seminars conducted by our Industry partners. Pursue your internship or employment with any of awesome companies that CIIT collaborates with.
CIIT's innovation is interweaving business, technology and arts - unique among all other Entrepreneurship programs in the country. Our community is a learning and living collaboration of disciplines mentored by industry practitioners.
Experience technology enhanced learning with the leading educational LMS! Conveniently access instructional materials, discuss with your teachers or classmates, and view your subject standing at any time.
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