Multimedia Workshop: CIIT Made Me Love Photography More

Ever since I was a teen, I have always been interested in photography. Maybe one of the reasons why I became so inclined to it is because photography is my family’s business for more than 50 years. It started from my grandparents and was passed on to the next two generations of children and grandchildren. Until now, our business has grown and has become known all over the town.

Before, photography to me was just a hobby. But now that I’m starting to think of ways on how to make extra money, I had to be involved with our business and started entertaining clients. All I know are the basics and my knowledge and skills were not that enough to be competitive, until a friend gave me the idea to enroll myself in a multimedia workshop. At CIIT, they offer a wide range of specialized courses to enhance and develop my skills. I’ve tried different modules to expand my knowledge in visual arts. At first, I had doubts it may not work for me, but in the long run, I realized I feel like I’m being a pro.

Before, I say that being a photographer is so easy. All you need is a camera and that’s it! You’re ready to click. And ever since I’ve attended photography class at CIIT for 40 hours, I learned that it is not just about taking pictures, but also trying to bring something to life through your photos. Truly, CIIT made me more inspired and committed to the world of photography.

Long before digital cameras were invented, photography has already made every artist more passionate in improving and enhancing their creativity. They have leveled up their knowledge about it and made it more productive. They also started teaching the beginners on how to love photography more than ever before.

Through CIIT, I have, likewise, learned many new ideas about the digital world. Apart from offering trainings about the technicalities of your digital camera,professional instructors will also let you know the basics of using your camera professionally. They will teach you the correct use of lighting, shutter speeds, ISO selection, exposures, focus, and choice of lens and flash.

The workshop also includes a wide range of subjects for beginners to intermediate such as glamour and fashion, product, portrait, and outdoor photography.The experience will let you explore the beauty of every subject and bring out its inner character.

Lectures on the best images to select are also included in their photo editing classes. You will also be able to learn how to choose the best photo and how to align the correct angles in your shots. Most photos need to be enhanced by using color adjustments, layering, cropping, and more.

What I love most about photography is capturing the moments that may be kept forever.Courses from CIIT will let you learn how to catch moments that are precious. I’m very thankful that I was able to experience this kind of learning that made me a better photographer. I just love CIIT!

From beginner to intermediate, CIIT multimedia workshop will let you have the opportunity to learn and enhance your skills. Do not worry if it may cost you some money. It’s very affordable and worth your money. Enroll now!

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