IT school in the Philippines

CIIT—The Premier Arts, Business, and Tech School in the Philippines

CIIT addresses the growing demand for innovators and creators poised to become leaders in their fields as an IT school in the Philippines.

In the Philippine educational landscape today, schools are different from CIIT. Additionally, our institute is renowned for producing top-performing arts, technology, and business education practitioners. Equipped with cutting-edge skills and a deep appreciation for the integration of these disciplines. CIIT addresses the growing demand for innovators and creators poised to become leaders in their fields as an IT school in the Philippines. Discover more about our institution and the journey that has shaped CIIT into what it is today.

Cosmopoint: Humble Beginnings of CIIT as a Tech School

IT school in the Philippines

Did you know CIIT College of Arts and Technology was once known as the Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology? Founded in 2007 by Elson Niel Dagondon, a visionary leader in the Philippine IT and gaming industry. A growing demand for highly skilled IT and multimedia professionals led to the establishment of the institute.

Driven by the outsourcing boom in the following years, Cosmopoint catered to the shifting job market by seeking to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. Initially offering job-oriented courses in Graphic Design, Multimedia Application, and Software Engineering. In addition, as the institute expanded its course offerings, it transitioned to a more comprehensive curriculum and rebranded into CIIT College of Arts and Technology to reflect its broader vision.

Today, CIIT embraces a holistic approach to education, integrating arts, technology, and entrepreneurship in the Philippines to equip students with the technical and creative prowess needed to become top-notch experts and practitioners. This evolution has solidified CIIT’s’ position as a frontrunner in these three disciplines.

Best College Course in the Philippines: What You Can Expect at CIIT

IT school in the Philippines

A core aspect of CIIT’s success is its emphasis on specialized and industry-based learning programs. By instilling real-world, in-demand skill sets through some of the best college courses in the Philippines, we enable students to unleash their full potential and train them to become future industry leaders. Our college offers various program areas catering to the evolving demands of the creative and technical sectors:

  • We nurture the next generation of creative professionals through CIIT programs in Multimedia Arts and Animation.
  • For those with a technical inclination, Computer Science and Information Systems programs provide a strong foundation in computer technology.
  • We also recognize the importance of business acumen and prepare students to navigate the world of business and entrepreneurial ventures through a program in Entrepreneurship.

These programs are designed to be industry-relevant, ensuring graduates possess the specific skills and knowledge employers seek. Furthermore, CIIT’s partners with industry leaders like Adobe Systems and WACOM to provide students access to the latest software and learning tools.

Enjoy Your Student Life at a Top-Notch Arts, Business, and IT School in the Philippines

IT school in the Philippines

Aside from industry-competent curricula, we offer students various opportunities to foster a dynamic student life beyond the classroom where they can connect, collaborate, and explore their passions alongside other students. 

Finally, the college hosts a variety of student organizations catering to different interests, ranging from creative clubs like 24 Frames to tech-focused groups like the Syntax. These organizations allow students to network with peers who share their interests and participate in workshops and seminars led by industry professionals.

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