CIIT Reviews Millennials’ Top 10 Most Wanted College Majors

Are you curious on the course your millennial child would like to pursue in college? Professional social networking site, LinkedIn, surveyed its 300 million user profiles to dig up the ten most desired career paths of this famous generation. Look at these most wanted college majors of millennials:

1. Information Science and Technology

Careers related to IST are on the rise as more firms rely on technology for daily trades. Examples of these jobs include web designing, software development, and company data security.

2. Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) remains to be one of the most well liked professions among Millennials today. In addition, recent survey by Looksharp (2015) states that CS is the most preferred elective of 53 percent of surveyed college students regardless of their majors.

3. Electronics

With the rise of high-tech gadgets in the 21st century, many Millennials realize the great future that awaits them if they choose to study this course. Among the skills they desire to learn are installation, assembly, maintenance, testing, repair, and upgrade of electronic tools and system.

4. International Business

Besides being experts of the field, workers in international business have a highly valued focus—one that is universal. Understanding the broader world is becoming a more important and valued skill in the job market.

5. Computer Engineering

This course centers on how the hardware and software aspects of technology work together. With many industries using computers in their daily operations these days, it’s not surprising how the field opens many job breaks for degree holders.

6. Media

Besides the popularity of traditional media, the rise of digital channels and the Internet paved the way for more exciting and attractive career paths for Millennials. Today, more and more college students study video production, journalism, digital arts, and other media-related courses.

7. Communication Science

This career makes first-rate narrators. It preps and leads learners towards a wealth of career options in public relations, education, advertising, human resources, social services, etc.

8. Banking and Finance

The growth of the global economy raised the demand for banking and finance graduates. These workers are in-demand in emerging countries such as Kuwait, Libya, and Singapore.

9. Bioengineering

Health issues and aging drove the need for better medical methods and equipment made by bioengineers. Along with it, an improved concern for the effect of cost boosts the demand for more bioengineering degree holders.

10. Software Engineering

A software pro studies the basics of math and computer science to create and test the software apps we use daily. As firms are eager to fill many positions in this field, labors can expect not only better job prospects, but also sounder salary packages.

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