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Graphics Design Course-PH: Hints to Making the Perfect Portfolio

If you want to be hired as graphic designer, you will need to have an effective online portfolio ready besides your resume and cover letter.

This is a perfect opportunity to show your skills and achievements, and allow potential employers to see your level of experience, expertise, and creativity.

Hungry for some portfolio-making tips? Here are seven helpful advices most graphics design courses tell every budding graphic artist:

1. Show only your best work.

Though this rule is already a given among designers, only a few artists take this reminder to heart. Remember, your goal is to impress so be sure to promote only your best works and feature only those design projects you are completely satisfied with.

2. Start and end with key pieces.

When arranging the layout of your works, begin with a killer piece that will grab their attention. Then, finish it off with an equally strong piece that will leave them wanting for more. This will not only be effective in online portfolios but also in print and presentations.

3. Take advantage of the best tools.

You don’t need to be a programmer to create an online portfolio. Sites like Cargo Collective, Behance, and Square Space can help you build stunning pages in minutes. You can also use ready-made themes from WordPress and Tumblr if you’re too busy to mix and match colors and designs.

4. Let your work speak for itself.

Never overdo your portfolio. Just let your work do the talking by presenting your artworks in viewable formats. Moreover, make sure your pages are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Display your works at once and reduce the need for visitors to click on a variety of buttons or hyperlinks.

5. Curate for the job you want.

Unless you want to be caught off guard, you should only show the kind of work that you can perform and do best. Modify your portfolio and show only what your target employer needs to see.

6. Include self-initiated works.

This will show your target employers your individuality as an artist. They will get to see where your passion lies and what you do in absence of a tight client brief.

7. Show what’s behind your finished works.

Just like in the movies, people would want to know how you created some of the pieces you display on your page. Showing them some behind-the-scenes video or info will give them a hint on the level and depth of your capabilities as an artist.

Graphic design courses from schools like CIIT Philippines can help you come up with works worthy to be displayed on your online portfolio. Visit www.ciit-ph.com to learn more tips as well as details on the courses and programs you can take to improve your craft.

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