CIIT facts that will surprise you

Interesting Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love with CIIT Philippines

CIIT Philippines is one of the best arts and technology schools in the Philippines. Having been around for twelve years now, CIIT continues to grow as a strong family. Their graduates strive to be experts in their respective fields, and their students strengthen their craft. If you are interested to be a CIITzen, think no more. These CIIT facts will make you fall in love with the top multimedia arts school.

CIIT Philippines Fascinating Facts That Will Surprise You

A. CIIT’s seven-story building is so extra!

CIIT facts # 1: CIIT’s seven-story building is so extra!

Known as the CIIT Interweave Building, this structure is so captivating, one might think it’s a museum. Its colorful façade is inspired by a form of Filipino art called Paghahabi. What’s more interesting is it’s wrapped in a couple of 40-feet graphic murals and is considered as one of the tallest murals in Quezon City.

This culturally inspired yet highly modernized structure is a creation of the Buensalido+Architects. Similarly, they designed it based on three design inspiration. First, the tree which symbolizes sustainability. Second, a microchip which represents CIIT as a technological institution. Third, the traditional fabrics which epitomize the Filipino culture.

Since 2017, the CIIT Interweave Building became the home of multimedia, animation, visual arts and, game development students.

B. Mural arts are all over the campus.

CIIT Philippines reflects its artistry not only on the building’s façade. Once you go inside the campus, the artist in you will be dazed. Many of their walls are furnished with mural arts.

Unique in its own form, each mural wall has its own theme. Check out some of their mural arts!

CIIT facts: Library Mural Arts
Library Mural Wall by Audrelene Paez
CIIT facts: "Monorama" by Oliver Santiago
“Monorama” by Oliver Santiago
CIIT facts: "Man and Machine" by Ralph Reyes and Marie Pellejo
“Man and Machine” by Ralph Reyes and Marie Pellejo

Aren’t these beautiful? The ambiance will surely help you get your creative juices flowing!

C. Electronic room schedule is their current innovation.

CIIT Philippines finds ways for technology to work on them. Known to have such a good facility, this school practice what they preach!

CIIT facts: Electronic room schedule is their current innovation.

So they have this tablet set up on each classroom door. What’s with it? Well, it just fetches and displays the class schedule in real time. They avoid printing their schedules and instead use a tablet. This is one of the coolest CIIT facts ever!

D. The cozy library will be your favorite spot.

CIIT facts: Their library is open for all!

Even if you don’t like reading, you’d still love CIIT’s comfy library! The atmosphere will help you focus on your studies. Also, it aids those people who love to review together.

CIIT facts: They have a cozy library!

Alone? No problem. You can have your “me” time here. They provide various kinds of books. From academic to novel, these books will help you learn outside the corners of your room.

E. CIIT continues to achieve its vision.

“Your passion, your career, our goal”

Do you know that CIIT started with just 21 students? Yes, you read that right. When it started in 2007, they only offered diploma courses. It includes MMA, animation, and computer science.

Year after year, the CIIT family grows. From just diploma courses, it opened chances to students through bachelor’s degree. Now, incoming senior high school students can enroll on the k to 12 tracks and strands they want!

Check out the current CIIT programs:

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Finally, those are just some of the most awesome CIIT facts out there. Once you became part of the family, you’ll be surprised even more. Do you have questions about our offered programs? About CIIT Philippines entrance exam? Contact us now and be enlightened!

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