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Bachelor of Multimedia Arts Course at CIIT: What’s in It for You?

The need for web designers, multimedia artists, and animators has grown in the past years, making multimedia arts course a popular choice among college freshmen in the Philippines. In fact, since we grew up watching Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks films, many of us find digital arts as a legitimate career venture.

Growing Market for Multimedia Arts Course in the Philippines

Aside from animation, other multimedia arts jobs sprouted when multimedia arts became popular in the country. Businesses have now gone virtual; hence, increasing the demand for web designers who make online shops and company websites more useful to clients. Further, ad and marketing campaigns now use various forms of media. Before, it was only print and TV, but now firms profit from computer technology and the internet to promote their brand. Smart phones made clients easier to reach, so graphic artists and web designers got more breaks.

Gain a Profitable Career after Studying Multimedia Arts Course

The Information Technology (IT) industry in the country widened its reach as it added business process management (BPM) to its roster. Rappler projected the IT-BPM industry to stay in-demand in the years to come. Included in the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) senior high school track, they urge students to consider this track since most students overlook it in favor of more common paths. With the TVL track, students get closer to their dream job of working for the top animation studios with the help of formal training in multimedia arts (MMA).

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With an average tuition fee and time investment, you reap more paybacks since the salary for this line of work ranges from P16,000.00 to P20,000.00 each month. The top recruitment website Jobstreet named the industry as the highest paid in the job market. Junior execs from IT-related fields earn beyond P30,000.00 per month, while those in upper management take home over P60,000.00 a month. These numbers prove the viability of earning a Bachelor of Multimedia Arts, so we invite you to grab this chance to land a successful career.

Reminders Before You Enroll to a Multimedia Arts College

Colleges that offer multimedia arts course are everywhere. However, if you want to gain an edge over other candidates, study in the best multimedia arts school. The best multimedia arts degree holders don’t hail from just any multimedia arts college. Thus, find a school that will hone your creativity while sharpening your technical skills. They must be a perfect balance of arts and technology.

What Should You Look for in a Multimedia Arts School?

  • It must offer an accelerated course outline, so you learn the must-have skills and tools in less time.
  • It offers courses that merge arts and technology concepts to give students an all-in-one MMA program.
  • Its course outline includes many hands-on training to boost practical knowledge on the required tools.
  • It centers on industry-based concepts using the latest tools; thus, students learn relevant skills that fit various jobs.

Why Does It Matter which School You Choose?

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Not all schools are equal. Do your research and compare the programs offered by the different schools. Formal training from the best multimedia arts school will carry you toward rewarding jobs that promote your talent. Thus, consider a school with a solid name to give you a strong foundation for your career. Given these criteria, CIIT Philippines rules other multimedia arts institutes. With a decade-long knowledge in enhancing the skills of budding multimedia artists and animators, we take pride in being the country’s premier multimedia arts school. Our campus, a state-of-the-art facility, is home to the best mentors in the IT and multimedia arts fields.

Which Career Paths Do CIIT’s Multimedia Arts Course Lead You?

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Audio and Video Producers
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrators
  • Animators
  • Multimedia Designers
  • Multimedia Arts Educators

What’s in It for You?

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If you want a career that uses your creative mind and technical skills, then you must not pass up this chance. We live in the digital age where technology moves fast and non-stop. Hence, open jobs for multimedia artists and animators will keep on rising with the need for their special skills. View our multimedia arts course outline from this link. You may check our website or send an e-mail to info@ciit-ph.com for your queries.

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Images courtesy of Unsplash.com