CIIT Move: The Future of Education

As we ride through the waves of digital progress, the needs of our society also change. This includes the shift of priorities in our school systems. How can technology affect the future of our school system? Know more about online distance learning and how it can reshape our society from this point onward.


To address the changing needs in the education sector, CIIT Philippines launched CIIT Modern Virtual Education, also known as CIIT Move. CIIT Move seeks to encourage students to pursue their learning chances despite the growing challenges brought by the new normal setting. Through this modern virtual setup, students and teachers will never have a hard time accessing their online courses. Online platforms will now become the main go-to place for modules, lesson plans, and meetings, thus making learning at a distance possible.

This school year, CIIT Move offers online learning programs for senior high school, college students, and professionals. This online distance learning program has 5 key features: 

Manageable Study Load – Enroll in a manageable study load with instructors that understand the challenges of online learning. With a manageable study load, students can balance their time for studies and responsibilities at home. 

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions – Experience one-on-one or small group coaching and mentoring where they can receive personalized feedback and support from instructors. 

Reduction of Fees – Experience quality online learning at a much lower cost. A significant reduction in all school fees is implemented to make education more accessible with no compromise on the quality of education. 

Availability of Internet and PCs – Borrow a high-end All-in-one PC or purchase a Wifi Kit to aid you in your online learning needs. 

Access to Cloud Technologies – Get your own personal genuine cloud license for all the programs and apps you will be using. Access these industry-standard technologies today on campus and at home. Experience the use of Adobe CC, ToonBoom, Autodesk, and many more!

Professionals can also take online courses to help them step up their skills during this pandemic. You can now enjoy your online classes through CIIT’s trusted software apps. With CIIT’s improved learning management systems, you may access the instructional resources right at your fingertips. Live your dreams and enroll at your chosen arts and IT online courses this school year.

Must-Have Online Distance Learning Tools for Arts and Technology Students

Arts and design student attending online distance learning class

CIIT has utilized some of the top apps in the world to bring quality education in the homes of each CIIT students. Here’s a list of the best online learning software to help you achieve a hassle-free virtual school year!


Learning Management System (LMS) is a software app used to manage, track, report, automate, and send educational courses and programs. This system points learning gaps through data analysis to help teachers provide better e-learning experience. Canvas is the LMS which CIIT uses as its online learning platform. This allows us to organize all the digital tools and lesson plans for both teachers and students.

Google Suite

G Suite is a suite of cloud computing tools from Google Cloud. CIIT staff and students use this as their main productivity and collaboration tool. It includes sheets, slides, forms, email, calendar, file storage, apps and sites that users can access anytime and anywhere.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of apps and services from Adobe Inc. that gives users the access to various arts and design software. Users can access it with a set of mobile apps and other cloud services. Students across all strands can download this tool to help them complete their various subjects and projects.

Toon Boom

Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro is an industry-grade software for animation projects. This app makes storyboarding easy, especially for users in the creative field. Toon Boom allows artists to create freely with the help of their user-friendly tools.


Autodesk refers to either Maya or 3DSMax, which is a software for 3D design and other digital projects. Maya is 3D animation software with great modeling, rendering, simulation, and texturing tools for artists in various fields. Its advanced 3D graphics program allows users to create 3D animations, models, games and images. Students across all strands can access this software to help them work on their projects faster.


Unity is a well-known cross-platform game engine. IT students use Unity 3D to create both 2D and 3D games. Aside from being a great visual platform, Unity is also easier to use compared to other software offering the same features.


Edusuite is CIIT’s school management system. This is vital in processing and storing student’s important details, which include enrollment, payments, and grades. This system also prompts parents about their school balances if any, and allows them to view their child’s report cards.

Embrace new chances with virtual learning. Access advanced online distance learning program with CIIT MOVE. Learn the top skills from one of the country’s best school in the fields of arts and IT. Move a step closer to your dreams with CIIT’s senior high school online programs. Equip yourselves with skills you’ll need in your career with CIIT’s college programs. Finally, learn new skills that will help you improve your career through CIIT specialist courses. Don’t miss this chance to develop your strengths while staying indoors. Inquire now!

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