CIIT Journey: How Ryanne Pursues Her Passion to Serve Through Computer Science

“BSCS opens a wide variety of opportunities for me and other aspiring innovators. I’m (someone) who is interested in the Philippines’ EdTech ecosystem because it is aligned with my passion to empower, inspire and serve the Filipino community through education.” 

This remarkable statement about the beauty of taking Computer Science is from 21-year-old BSCS student, Ryanne Gail Kim. Ryanne is a scholar and student leader – a model student at CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Besides her life as a student, she is also a creative consultant and part-time instructor who teaches digital arts to aspiring kids. 

After graduating from high school, Ryanne initially pursued Computer Engineering. She also considered Game Development, but ultimately decided to pursue Computer Science. Now, a few years into her program, she describes it as challenging for its wide array of concepts and applications, but at the same time, fulfilling, since it comes with opportunities that are aligned to her passion to serve, lead, and excel. 

What prompted you to take the program in CIIT? 

I’m passionate about technology and arts and in CIIT, it seems like it has the best of both worlds. It’s a place where I know I can improve my skills and pursue my passion hence, this is my first choice.

 What is the most remarkable experience so far in school?

My most memorable experience is getting a scholarship after a drastic moment in my life. A few months ago, everything was uncertain – I didn’t know if I would still be able to continue college and I had no idea what would happen next for me. Amidst that time of difficulty, it came as a huge surprise and joy for me and my family when the school’s academic council decided to offer me a scholarship. Honestly, I’m still grateful even months after for how generous and supportive CIIT is in helping me grow holistically and fulfill my dreams.

Tell us about your experience as a student.

In this time of uncertainty brought by the pandemic, the instructors are accommodating with the concerns and well-being of their students. As a working student, what I like about the current setup is the manageable and flexible study load and the access to asynchronous classes and activities. Whenever I have trouble catching up with the classes, the instructors are more than willing to offer personal coaching sessions.

What is the student culture like in CIIT?

If there is one word to describe the culture of CIIT, it is “diverse”. In CIIT, you can be whoever you want to be and the community will support you in your interests and passions. CIIT is a safe zone where you can express yourself. Another remarkable feature of CIIT is the student organizations. As a fairly new student leader in CIIT, I could say how intimate and engaging the school activities are. 

What can you say about your instructors?

Each and every instructor has their own unique way of imparting knowledge to their students. Aside from the subject they teach, what I like about CIIT instructors is how they incorporate the importance of soft skills and how they relate their teachings to the current industry as well. 


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