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CIIT Philippines Partners With Edusuite

In this time and age, the influence of technology has reached a larger scale. The impact has greatly affected our education system which paved the way to modern solutions to our existing problems. One of these solutions is the inception of school management systems. These systems are tools schools use to provide the students a better learning experience. With this, CIIT Philippines adopted Edusuite. Edusuite’s AI-driven technology will analyze your campus data and help students, teachers, and school staff to create smart choices. Learn more about CIIT Edusuite through this blog.

Know More About Edusuite

Edusuite is a system that automates most of the processes involved in setting classes and subjects for both students and school staff alike. With this, not only can students see which subjects they will be taking over the course of their stay in CIIT; they can also see the progress of their subjects. They can check on whether they passed or failed the course and how each subject can lead to the next.

Moreover, it also features a bulletin function for both teaching staff and students, ensuring that all of them are informed and that no one skips a beat when it comes to deadlines.

CIIT Edusuite Features

As one of the top arts and IT school in the country, CIIT applies Edusuite in their system. Learn the many perks of Edusuite now.

1. Intelligent Student Advising. This feature gives subject recommendations to help students complete their degree program on time.

2. Predictive Forecast of Class Demand. Know your classes before the school year starts. This feature checks student data and helps predict classes that are in demand.

3. Automated Class Schedule Maker. Save yourself from schedule conflicts with this feature. This automates polling of staff and subject availability, making it easier for you to plan your classes ahead of time.

4. Online Enlistment and Online Enrollment. Enlist and enroll while staying indoors. CIIT Edusuite allows students and parents to enjoy off-campus enrollment system.

Experience Edusuite Now!

Edusuite is CIIT’s answer to enlistment woes. While CIIT Edusuite is already a welcome addition to our operations, it is far from perfect and so our team is constantly coming up with fresh features to address the needs of our students and staff. If you want to know more about setting up an enrollment system or off-campus payment option for your school, please send an email at info@ciit.edu.ph.

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