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Web Design College: Trends that Will Make Waves this 2015

As the year changes, trends in web design also change. Being the most up-to-date web design college in the Philippines, CIIT needs to cope with such changes. With expert help, find the trends you can expect this 2015.

1. Longer Scrolling Sites

As hand-held devices become more popular than PCs, it’s becoming more common for sites to opt for scrolling instead of linking. It is easier for users to scroll through a web page than to always click to view more details. You can apply this long scrolling trend to home, about us, and services and products pages to display a wide variety of content in a classy manner.

2. Background and Full Screen Videos

Videos will be more exciting since people like viewing instead of reading. It’s also simpler to share a company’s story and create emotion with motion graphics even if it’s merely a short rotating clip.

3. Interactive Web Graphics

It’s over for static infographics. Today, the more appealing and effective story-telling agent, interactive Web graphics, replace them. Web graphics allow users to interact with the given information physically; thus, creating a more engaging user experience.

4. Responsive Design with Better Performance

Responsive design is here to stay in 2015, but now better performance gains more emphasis. In making a responsive web design, make sure to add only the needed elements and don’t fail to optimize them.

5. Very Large Typography

Large type is going to be a key in 2015 that will enhance the page’s visual hierarchy. This makes sure that users get to read the largest texts on the page first because they grab attention easily.

6. Card Design Will Continue to Get Better

Card design proves to be a great tool for most artists who are working on responsive web sites. They are clean, simple, and versatile just what the web needs. Thus, you’ll find more card designs in 2015.

7. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are contained experiences or moments in a product that revolve around a single use case. One great example is the e-mail sign-up box that pops up on a web site. It wiggles back and forth on the screen, giving a playful personality to an otherwise static graphic. This micro-interaction promotes an increased user visit that will likely result in more sign-ups.

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