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Choosing the Right 3D Animation School in the Philippines

You’re a creative thinker who wants to pursue your passion for animation a career reality. Also, you want to be a part of the elite pool of Filipino animators who developed world-renowned animated images in films such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and Monsters University.

Of course, passion, dedication, and persistence are key ingredients for success. But in order to join this exciting global industry, a diploma in animation is necessary.

Knowing that academic training in the field will absolutely provide you the skills and edge to get your foot in the door, you’ve made the decision to attend an art and technology school.

Now, it’s time to choose the right college for you.

Choosing the Right Animation School

School search can be one of the most stressful and challenging tasks for you. So to help you determine the animation school that will best hone your skills, here are some pieces of advice.

1.   Compare and decide.

Every university or college is different, each with its own quality and forte. And, joining either a well-known or less known academic institution will not guarantee your success.

Therefore, you have to check each academic institution using good judgment. Don’t hesitate to ask about small necessary details that would help you decide. Doing this can lead you to a much better outcome.

2.   Think carefully about the reputation of the school.

It is very important to check the common opinion that previous students or graduates have about the school. You better check reviews and credentials of the institution or college before joining. Conducting some research can be beneficial in making the final decision.

3.    Check out the credentials of its faculty members.

It is important to choose an animation school with well-educated and well-experienced instructors. Having top-notch instructors will adequately provide you the latest appropriate education.

4.    Consider school facilities.

Since a career in the field of animation requires strong skills in computer technologies, leading-edge and up-to-date software and learning equipment must be taken into consideration. Knowing these will prepare you for the real demands in the industry.

5.    Find out more about the curriculum that the school is offering.

Check the programs for the course you want. Ask if the school offers trainings and programs that are relevant to the actual needs of the workforce. It is important to know if the curriculum that the school is offering will equip you with the skills that ensure you a great career after course completion.

6.    Is size relevant?

School population must not be an issue. What matters most is the quality of education you can acquire.

Earn an animation degree from CIIT College of Arts and Technology, one of the best 3D animation schools in the Philippines. The school will take your skills to the next level and bring your dreams to reality.

For more information, visit ciit-ph.com.

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