Feeling undecided when it comes down to choosing a strand in senior high school? Make the process easier with this handy checklist.

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Strand in Senior High School

The past four years of high school have gone by. Now you’re left with a decision that only you can make—choosing a strand to take in senior high school. It can be a handful for young students like you, but your choice of strand will make a huge impact on your future. 

Still unsure about what may as well be one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an undergraduate? No need to sweat it. Let’s run down on some questions you can ask yourself while you select the SHS strand you’ll specialize in.

You might still be weighing the pros and cons of choosing a strand in senior high school, but we’re here to help you ask yourself the most important questions.

What to Consider When Choosing a Strand in Senior High School

For starters, a strand is an area of study under an academic track that senior high school students must take to prepare for their chosen degree in college.

You might still be weighing the pros and cons of choosing a strand. That’s why we’re here to help you ask yourself the most important questions.

“What subjects do I enjoy the most and excel in?”

You know yourself better than anyone. In each class, you master the subjects that you like and shy away from those that you’re not interested in. Know which subjects interest you the most, so you can find a good strand that suits your present skills. 

When choosing a strand in senior high school, it's important to note your interests and hobbies.

“How is my free time spent?” 

How you spend your free time is a huge deciding factor in choosing your strand. Your hobbies and interests can serve as an excellent basis for what you should be specializing in. Writing stories, solving equations, fixing small electronic machines— anything counts.

Not only can you treat your leisurely activities as time spent investing in skills that will aid you in the future. You can also have a general idea of how you can build a career based on how you structure your days around your usual tasks now.

“Who do I want to be when I grow up?”

Students like yourself are always welcome in industries with an abundance of career opportunities such as media and visual arts, business, and customer service. First, however, you should take a look into your aspirations and goals in life. Determine who you want to be, and make it happen by choosing the right strand.

When choosing a strand in senior high school, try to get advice from students whom have already gone through SHS.

“Did I do any research?”

Do not underestimate the power of research, mostly on the internet, at times when you need to decide for your future. Tons of information is available on the internet. Read more and go for the strand that piques your interest and curiosity. 

“Can I ask for help?”

It’s not a bad thing to ask for help, especially when your academic life is at stake. Get second opinions from your family, friends and acquaintances currently in college or senior high school, former teachers, or anyone who may be credible enough to gauge your talents and potential. Their answers can help your decisions, one way or another.

At CIIT, you can make choosing a strand in senior high school easier.

At CIIT, You Can Make Choosing a Strand in Senior High School Easier

Senior high school is your preparation for the tougher things ahead, particularly college. Think long and hard as you consider each and every educational strand available. Just remember to look into your creativity, abilities, talents, and hobbies, so you can prosper in the next two years!

If you’re up for a challenge, pick the bolder choice and explore the Media and Visual Arts track at CIIT Philippines. Slated under the strand of Arts and Design, this track is designed to mold experts who are equipped with both technical knowledge and practical experience. Read more about the MVA track here.

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