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Challenges Mobile Game Developers Often Face and How to Beat Them

Despite the exciting environment that mobile game development offers, lots of challenges still show up during the design, development, and production phases. In this post, CIIT, a mobile game development college in the Philippines, highlights the biggest challenges game developers often face and a few smart tips to beat them. Read to learn more.

1. Platform Compatibility

One big challenge in developing mobile applications is creating an app that works for different Android and generations of iOS (iPhone operating system) devices. It’s not always easy creating an app for a Samsung phone or an iPhone. Although a set of code works for the latest generation of the iPhone, it may not work for other generations of iOS devices.

– Build multiplatform or hybrid apps. In multiplatform development, adapt a single codeset to several OSs. You may use hybrid development tools, too, to check if an app is compatible with other generations of the same OS.

2. Idea Multiplicity

When developing a mobile game, putting in so many ideas isn’t wise. Besides creating a risk of undermining user experience, it can lead to higher costs of development, too.

– Use an iterative approach that’ll allow you to add features on an as-needed basis. Besides creating space for the app to use, such an approach will allow you to enhance its parts that need improvement.

3. Security

Although makers of mobile devices offer built-in security for their products, you, as the developer, must make sure the user’s data are secure when accessing the app.

– Since different mobile platforms offer varied levels of security for information stored in devices, it’s your duty to foil any compromise of data security and user experience. Hence, to solve your dilemma, use encryption. It guarantees zero gaining of users’ data from their mobile devices even if they have lost their unit.

4. User-friendliness

Another major challenge to overcome when creating mobile games is to make sure you create simple and easy to understand games. In the same way, they must fuel insight and involve no long tutorial before its launch.

– Give clear rules and dynamics. Mind the language. Having your game available in many languages will help you gain access to a higher number of potential users. Likewise, an accessible language is always an edge because it’s easy to understand unlike if you have a game riddled with technicalities.

5. Communication

Perfect communication is crucial for any team in the field. This also applies to the world of mobile game development; you can’t move forward if your team can’t communicate properly.

– Talk to your team. Make sure everyone has the same understanding and doesn’t work on projects irrelevant to your goals. Further, don’t dread raising your hands, too, to remind your team to focus if things go off-track. If you do this, your productivity and success as a team of developers will amaze you.

6. Advertising

One of the most vital aspects in building up a mobile game is how to make it popular and successful. Just as with other apps, making your game stand out among current mobile games is hard. You must have a plan that’ll let you thrive over time and keep you growing.

– Position your game in stores. Go to App Store Optimization (ASO) and improve its title and description, so it’ll show up first on searches in the app markets.

– Announce your game to the public. Blog about it and send press releases to the media, both regular and specialized.

– Take advantage of app indexing. The new feature that Google just added will make a game’s content pop up in the search results on Chrome in mobile devices.

– Use downloading tactics. You can get more downloads and new users in several ways. Apply the strategies that suit the game you’ve made to build a community.

– Promote client loyalty. Create a plan through gamification and rewards to draw users to your game and make them stick to it.

The mobile game development process can test any developer’s patience. Yet, with the right tools and these smart tips, you can overcome the challenges and bring a wholesome gaming experience to mobile users.

Do you want to learn more about games programming? Why not enroll in a mobile game development program? CIIT, a mobile game development college in Quezon City, offers a specialist course in game developing that’ll arm you through challenges. In addition, CIIT can help you create a game with limited means because of the restraints of many mobile platforms in screen resolution, multi-tasked inputs, and optimized performance. For more details on this program, please browse through our website.

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