Computer Versus Software Engineering School in PH: Do They Differ?

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Unlike 15 to 20 years ago, computer and IT courses today are more diverse and complex. Schools now develop and create a number of IT courses and provide various programs to choose from. No wonder, students get confused on the right program to take after high school. Do you also see yourself torn between excellent but rather similar courses such …

Philippines’ Top Software Engineering School: Why Be Certified?

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Merely graduating from a famous software engineering school in the Philippines will not secure you a job. As thousands of applicants compete for limited jobs today, you need to make yourself stand out and boost your chances by getting certifications. Even though most firms do not ask for such documents, having one will look good on your resume. They can …

Essential Skills and Qualities to Succeed as a Software Engineer

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As someone enrolled in a software engineering course, you may have worries over where your career will take you. If that’s the case, then what you’re going through is common among college students. You may have passion for the field but fear competing in the stiff labor market. Therefore, how will surviving a software engineering course be possible? Without a …

Famous Software Engineers and Their Contribution(s) to the Field

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Are you an incoming Grade 11 student who’s still unsure what track to take? If you’re into software application and programming, choosing an Information Computer Technology (ICT) track and a computer software engineering course can help set your career path well. Then again, this infographic naming famed software engineers and their gifts to the trade can inspire you. Hence, check …

How Female Software Engineers Break Gender Stereotyping

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Do you dream to become one of the few female software engineers? Read on and learn as CIIT, a software engineering college, uncovers how female developers break gender stereotyping in their industry.  Gender Divide Is Still Wide in Tech Walking into any tech company, you can easily notice how male software engineers dominate and outnumber their female colleagues. Experts name …

Why More Filipinos Should Be Software Engineers?

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Are you clueless on the course you should take up in college? Perhaps, you are looking for the right career that will give you the most promising and profitable future. Why don’t you consider software engineering? With the many benefits it offers, it has now become one of the most sought-after industries in today’s world. Attend a software engineering school …

Seven Steps to Jumpstart a Career in Software Engineering

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Whether you’re a software engineering student or a jobless professional hoping to jumpstart a career after graduation, this article is for you. Top software engineering school, CIIT, has listed a few practical tips on how you can jumpstart a career in software engineering. Check this out. Software engineering is a fast-growing field with a high-pay potential. If you want to …

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer: How Do They Differ?

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To the untrained eye, software developers and software engineers are the same. Yet, in the technology world, they have major differences. Read this blog from the top software engineering school, CIIT, and learn the differences and parallels between these two software experts. Job Description The difference between a software engineer and a software developer starts with their job functions. Software …

Eight Software Engineering Skills with the Highest Salaries

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Are you planning to enroll in a software engineering (SE) course in the Philippines? Read on and discover the top eight skills that can give you the biggest pay as published on 1. Platform as a Service (PaaS) – $130,081 Cloud and PaaS providers use this cloud-computing model to deliver application development tools over the Internet and host hardware …

CIIT Philippines Reviews Top 10 IT Champions [Infographic]

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CIIT Philippines reviews the most successful professionals who made it big in the field of information technology in recent history. Here’s a list of top 10 professionals who have revolutionized the world and made it high-tech. Do you want to be successful just like them? Start with the right education, the right skills, and the right school. Visit CIIT-Philippines’ web …