Digital Art School in the Philippines: Turn Dreams to Reality

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Do you have any idea about the growing demand of digital animation? Over the last decades, the Philippines is playing a major role in the global animation industry. Our talented fellow Filipinos have been key contributors to the development of images for cartoon television shows and animated films of major television and movie outfits such as Pixar. With the excellent creativity …

CIIT: Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Digital Arts

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As everything transforms digitally nowadays, you may be wondering: are traditional art forms dead? You are an artist whose work revolves around the tangible pen, paper, canvass, paint, pastel, and paintbrush. Do you see digital media as outshining its predecessor? There are traditional artists who howl their sentiments over digital dominance in the art world. They claim that the rise of …

Schools of Art in the Philippines: A Modern Multimedia Twist

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It’s not just about being good at drawing. For decades, schools of art in the Philippines have been too focused on manual creation, thus people often mistake creativity withdexterity. Then the digital age came and multimedia arts was born. All artistic individuals are now able to produce vivid, accurate visuals they could imagine, with only a few knowledge on how …

Inevitable Growth of Digital Arts School in the Philippines

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The emergence of advanced computer graphic tools has provided many innovative possibilities for abstract and figurative arts, which transformed the traditional activities of most contemporary artists. More so, in this day and age of computers, digital artists utilized the aid of graphic software, digital photography technology, and computer-assisted painting in the creation of art instead of using traditional techniques and …