Ten Secrets to Taking Stunning Instagram Photos

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Taking great Instagram photographs is a tough job. If you want to improve the quality of your Instagram uploads, impress your followers, and get more likes, follow these ten expert tips. 1. Plan your picture taking. Just as in shooting a film, capturing a good image for Instagram needs planning, too. Right location, proper lighting, and correct angle are important …

Seven Must-Have Mobile Apps for Digital Media Arts Students

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Are you looking for mobile apps perfect for college students in digital media arts? Find them here! We bring you seven of our favorite apps to help you kick-start your mobile creativity. 1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch This is a free app with a set of expressive drawing tools. You can choose from utilities that look like graphite ink pen, pencil, or …

Ten Must-See KalyeSerye-Inspired Digital Media Artworks

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KalyeSerye is a live soap opera parody of the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment of Eat Bulaga!, a GMA Network noontime show. It features live improvisations from the casts and teaches traditional Filipino values. Due to its popularity and the values it imparts to viewers, many fans are inspired to express their love for the show through awesome …

Digital Arts School: Your Guide to Interactive EBooks

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Contrary to the past generation, a new and exciting trend in storytelling has emerged into the lives of the newest batch of readers—eBooks. With the dawn of reading devices, such as iPad and Kindle, the demand grew for digitizing story content for next gen devices. Over the years, the need for interactivity among the growing platform has continued to expand …

Multimedia Arts School and Its Role in the Automotive Industry

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How do you choose the car you buy? Do you simply read on the specifications or do you make sure you see and drive it yourself first? Sure, it is not enough that you imagine the car’s features based only on the details you read on a piece of paper. To better appreciate and learn the product more, you demand an …