How to Motivate Software Engineers without Raising Their Pay

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Keeping a team of software engineers motivated is essential to every company. Not only do firms demand their constant services, many hiring managers find it hard to fill in their posts, too. Today’s software pros, however, desire more than good salary packages and benefits. While the standard rewards will help motivate them, employers need to provide a work culture that …

Why More Filipinos Should Be Software Engineers?

Computer Science, Software Engineering, Software Engineering School

Are you clueless on the course you should take up in college? Perhaps, you are looking for the right career that will give you the most promising and profitable future. Why don’t you consider software engineering? With the many benefits it offers, it has now become one of the most sought-after industries in today’s world. Attend a software engineering school …

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer: How Do They Differ?

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To the untrained eye, software developers and software engineers are the same. Yet, in the technology world, they have major differences. Read this blog from the top software engineering school, CIIT, and learn the differences and parallels between these two software experts. Job Description The difference between a software engineer and a software developer starts with their job functions. Software …

Where Can a Software Engineering Course Take Me? [Infographic]

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Would you like to know how a software engineering course would fair in the Philippines? Take a quick glimpse at this career path infographic for added information.   Are you interested in pursuing a software engineering career? Begin with the first-rate IT school in the Philippines. Inquire at CIIT College of Arts and Technology now and enroll to any of …