Multimedia Arts in the Philippines: Why Passion Is Not Enough

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It’s really amazing how photographers immortalize captured moments. I am impressed with the way they give depth and meaning to images of people, events, place, and things. And so, I can’t imagine how life would have been without photographs and photographers who can bring back memories, feelings, and moments. Photography has always been my passion. I love taking pictures of …

Fighting Philippine Graphic Design Industry’s Biggest Battle

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Opportunities are on the rise for Filipino graphic designers worldwide. In fact, graphic designing has been classified as one of the most in-demand skills/occupations by the land-based placement agencies in the Philippines (POEA, 2010) and also one of the most sought-after courses by the Department of Labor and Employment and the Commission of Higher Education. But in a country that …

CIIT: Bridging the Gap between Traditional and Digital Arts

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As everything transforms digitally nowadays, you may be wondering: are traditional art forms dead? You are an artist whose work revolves around the tangible pen, paper, canvass, paint, pastel, and paintbrush. Do you see digital media as outshining its predecessor? There are traditional artists who howl their sentiments over digital dominance in the art world. They claim that the rise of …

Graphics Design in the Philippines: Tradition Meets Technology

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When was the last time you saw a hand-drawn cover of an album or a hand-painted poster for a movie? Bet some of you can’t even recall what it looked like, don’t you? Well, in this age of MacBooks and IPads, we can rarely see things done manually. Unlike three decades ago when painters would climb the ladder, hold a …

Animation in the Philippines and its Invisible Global Success

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I have good news and bad news for you. Good news, our Filipino animators have been penetrating and succeeding in the international animation scene. Bad news, only a few people are aware of it. Why? It’s because our talents are outsourced and therefore are not given the full credits for their work. Yes, the Philippines is on its way to becoming …

Ways to Enrich Your Graphic Designing Flair in the Philippines

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Visual representation is everywhere: from billboards to tarpaulins, brochures to flyers, road signs to procedural diagrams,inter-office memorandums to instructional manuals, and televisions to the Internet. This means that graphic design is a worldwide medium that transfers knowledge to people. Visuals are said to be more influential and remarkable than words. It delivers a fast and clear message that can connect …

Schools of Art in the Philippines: A Modern Multimedia Twist

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It’s not just about being good at drawing. For decades, schools of art in the Philippines have been too focused on manual creation, thus people often mistake creativity withdexterity. Then the digital age came and multimedia arts was born. All artistic individuals are now able to produce vivid, accurate visuals they could imagine, with only a few knowledge on how …

Diploma Program or Degree? Philippines’ School of Arts Suggests Both

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Are you confused between a degree and a diploma program? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! Many freshmen share the same dilemma, too. Have you thought of the cost and time to complete your learning? Hence, you must study the prospects and setbacks that either of the two can contribute to their future, too. Degree vs. Diploma Program Beliefs Debunked Let’s …