Choosing the Right 3D Animation School in the Philippines

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You’re a creative thinker who wants to pursue your passion for animation a career reality. Also, you want to be a part of the elite pool of Filipino animators who developed world-renowned animated images in films such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and Monsters University. Of course, passion, dedication, and persistence are key ingredients for success. But in order …

The Makings of a Top-Notch Art School in the Philippines

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Art is a fundamental part of a cultural heritage. It is a powerful tool that promotes learning, creativity, critical thinking skills, and personality development. According to Summary Statement Education Reform Standards and the Arts, this special form of expression brings joy, enrichment, and fulfillment to every human being. What Makes An Excellent Art School? Art stimulates your imagination and persuades …

Multimedia Arts in the Philippines: Why Passion Is Not Enough

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It’s really amazing how photographers immortalize captured moments. I am impressed with the way they give depth and meaning to images of people, events, place, and things. And so, I can’t imagine how life would have been without photographs and photographers who can bring back memories, feelings, and moments. Photography has always been my passion. I love taking pictures of …

Fighting Philippine Graphic Design Industry’s Biggest Battle

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Opportunities are on the rise for Filipino graphic designers worldwide. In fact, graphic designing has been classified as one of the most in-demand skills/occupations by the land-based placement agencies in the Philippines (POEA, 2010) and also one of the most sought-after courses by the Department of Labor and Employment and the Commission of Higher Education. But in a country that …

Graphics Design Courses in the Philippines: 4 Common Myths

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If you’ve already declared your interest to take up graphic design courses in the Philippines, you could have heard them— deathless but definitely untrue judgments that keep you from designing in silence. If you’re one with us, here’s a list of these myths and snappy replies to disprove them: 1.   You have to be good in drawing. Ah, the unceasing …

Schools of Art in the Philippines: Where Teachers Are Experts

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Teachers have long been praised for holding such a noble profession. Filipino educators have also been getting a lot of accolades for their unmatched dedication and the quality of teaching they offer with their pupils. In CIIT, a Philippine arts school, talented teachers also ensure quality teaching. At present, educational institutions that specialize and offer art-related courses and degree programs …

Schools of Art in the Philippines: A Modern Multimedia Twist

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It’s not just about being good at drawing. For decades, schools of art in the Philippines have been too focused on manual creation, thus people often mistake creativity withdexterity. Then the digital age came and multimedia arts was born. All artistic individuals are now able to produce vivid, accurate visuals they could imagine, with only a few knowledge on how …

How the Graphika Manila Experience Turned My Dreams into Reality

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I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Graphika Manila International Multimedia Design Conference. My friend told me that it is one of the most influential and exciting arts events in the country. What made her Graphika Manila experience so exciting? Well, artists and designers from well-known agencies in different parts of the world gather to inspire professionals and …

Diploma Program or Degree? Philippines’ School of Arts Suggests Both

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Are you confused between a degree and a diploma program? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! Many freshmen share the same dilemma, too. Have you thought of the cost and time to complete your learning? Hence, you must study the prospects and setbacks that either of the two can contribute to their future, too. Degree vs. Diploma Program Beliefs Debunked Let’s …