Making Fitness Fun with Moonboard Climbing!

CIIT treated its brave and enthusiastic employees to a private wall climbing lesson.

At CIIT, we know that exercise not only contributes to our physical health, but also reduces stress, increases energy levels, and improves overall employee wellbeing. That’s why we’re  always on the look out for stirring workouts to tempt our CIITeam out of their comfy office chairs. So on Monday, June 19, our employees got their hearts racing and their muscles pumping with an energizing wall climbing lesson on our very own Moonboard.

A recent addition to CIIT’s gym, our Moonboard is an interactive, indoor climbing wall that can tilt to various angles and with the help of an app. Bouldering involves designated routes on the wall that demand climbers to use specific holds exclusively. To aid climbers, illuminated rocks provide guidance, presenting a variety of challenging routes and holds to navigate through the climbing experience.

Bouldering can be intimidating for beginners to tackle. People usually ask: What if I fall? Can I reach the top? How can I even try a route?

Thankfully, our PE Coordinator, Ms. Kristine Dipalac, got our team started on this exciting sport with an introductory lesson. While her main role is to plan our students’ PE program, Ms. Dipalac organized this session to empower our employees and help them realize that wall climbing is safe and more accessible than they thought.

Ms. Dipalac specifically imparted the basics of climbing footwork, body positioning, and conserving energy while climbing. She also gave safety tips and ensured climbing shoes were prepared. So when our employees gamely approached the wall, they could focus on enjoying the activity. At the end of the lesson, all of our employees reached the top and some of them even attempted a few routes!

Mr. Ralph Cagabgab, one of our Student Affairs Officers who joined the lesson, shared afterwards, “Personally, I value physical activities since they boost my mental health by increasing my energy and mood while minimizing work-related stress. My Moonboard experience offered a one-of-a-kind challenge and exhilaration for both the mind and body.”

Mr. Cagabgab added enthusiastically “Why not try it out, CIITzens and CIITeam?”

Our CIITeam was thrilled after their indoor climbing experience!

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