Yass! Werk, Sleigh!

CIIT faculty and staff slayed their 90s outfit, played games, and won awards during the Christmas Party 2022.

When asked to be in our ’90s-inspired holiday attire, we took the assignment and sleighed (pun intended). Every employee showed up in their iconic ’90s get-up: plaids, chunky blings, bell bottoms, windbreakers, and crazy hairstyles. Yes, in CIIT we take themed parties seriously.

We held our institutional Christmas Party at a cozy rooftop cafe in Antipolo; a perfect spot for spending a good time with colleagues. As the party went on, our competitive spirit kicked in during the games, and our cheers filled the rooftop during the group performances. All the while, we drank refreshing cocktails, ate a hearty dinner, and enjoyed the city view from the scenic hilltop. It was such a merry night during the merriest season.

More than just a night of lighthearted fun yet heavyweight prizes, this evening was also a recognition of everyone’s hard work. CIIT acknowledges its employees who exemplify the school’s core values: Critical Thinking, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, and Passion. Select team members from Senior High School and College departments were given the CIIT Values Awards to acknowledge their dedication and passion for their craft. Looking at the faces of awardees while receiving their awards is such a joyful sight.

This joyful night is a glimpse of the CIIT culture—where employee welfare and excellence are the top priorities. And everyone is encouraged to express their creativity while remaining true to the values of the institution.

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