Building Strong Camaraderie at Whiterock Beach Hotel and Waterpark

CIIT holds its team building at the Whiterock Beach Hotel & Waterpark at Subic, Zambales.

Some might say that team buildings are boring and dull, but CIIT proved that team buildings can be exciting and fun! To build strong camaraderie and teamwork, CIIT brought its employees to Whiterock Beach Hotel & Waterpark in Subic, Zambales last May 19-20, 2023. 

The excitement began right from the moment everyone boarded the buses! With two buses en route to the venue, the Management Committee came up with an entertaining game to energize and wake everyone up. The two bus teams engaged in a friendly competition to spot and capture as many street signs as possible. The team that managed to capture the highest number of street signs would not only enjoy the privilege of being served lunch first but also be exempted from the morning Zumba session the following day.

During the first day of the company outing, to encourage collaboration and camaraderie, participants from various departments were grouped into four color-coded teams: Orange, Red, Blue, and Purple. After lunch, the teams gathered on the grass field to kick-start their team-building activities. The program comprised three distinct and challenging tasks. The initial task was the “Carry The Ball” game, where five representatives from each team competed against one another to transport the ball from the starting point to the finish line. The catch? They could only use a garter tied around their lower legs as the sole means of carrying the ball. This activity really put the teams’ strategic thinking to the test, also requiring them to communicate and collaborate effectively. It served as a lesson, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and teamwork

The second task, known as the “Poisonous Web”, required 13 members per team. The objective was for all 13 members to be carried through a huge web of garters without ringing the attached bell. This particular challenge truly showcased the strategic prowess of each team. Some teams decided to transport their lighter members across the web first, while others chose to carry the stronger individuals first. Some teams even resorted to forming a human stool, allowing their teammates to step on their backs as a creative method of successfully passing through the web. How competitive! It was an impressive display of strategies and teamwork employed by the teams.

In the ultimate test of creativity and critical thinking, the final task challenged only two members from each team. Welcome to the thrilling “Origami Challenge”, where teams were tasked with crafting intricate origami creations based on given images, but without the luxury of step-by-step instructions. The teams had to rely solely on their ingenuity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities to decipher the intricate folds and details required to bring the image to life.

After the completion of the challenging tasks, all employees were given free time to explore the resort, enjoy the water activities, and build relationships with one another. After that, they gathered on the 2nd floor of the Sunset Restaurant for dinner where the champions of the three challenging tasks were announced. The red team was the 3rd runner-up, the blue team was the 2nd runner-up, the purple team earned the title of 1st runner-up, and the orange team emerged as the overall champions. The excitement continued as the event proceeded with the presentation of unique and interesting awards.

On the second day of the CIIT outing, a heavy and delicious breakfast was served to all employees. They were also given an extended period of free time in the morning, allowing them to further explore and enjoy the resort’s offerings. Before boarding the buses, a satisfying lunch was served.

CIIT’s team-building initiatives placed a strong emphasis on fostering camaraderie among its employees. The company firmly believes that fostering friendships within the workplace not only strengthens bonds but also leads to enhanced collaboration and the achievement of remarkable feats together.

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