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7 Thriving Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship to Consider (Plus Entrepreneurial Skills to Hone)

In this day and age, commerce is the engine that drives society forward. What exactly do we mean by that? B. O. Wheeler put it this way: “Business, like weather, is with us every day. Buying and selling, hiring and firing, producing or financing, these are but a few of the many business activities which influence the daily lives of everyone directly or indirectly.”

Without business, or even the innovativeness we witness in an entrepreneurial context, there’d be no progress in the world. Similar to what Wheeler stated, business has an impact on our lives, whether we like it or not. If businesses completely disappeared in today’s world, we would need to devise a means of surviving on our own.

With that in mind, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the endless opportunities presented by the world of entrepreneurship. If you’re not sure where to start, fret not! In this article, we’ll discuss the various career opportunities in entrepreneurship.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Simply put, an entrepreneur is someone who launches a company with novel concepts. They’re important players in developing new business ideas or improving products that are already on the market. In addition, entrepreneurs can choose to work independently or collaboratively.

These businesspeople are risk-takers in the sense that starting a business carries a lot of dangers. In spite of that, they understand that it’s also a lucrative route.

Furthermore, aspiring entrepreneurs can choose to concentrate on one of several types of entrepreneurship. Here are some of the types that you can explore.

  • Buyer entrepreneurship
  • Corporate
  • Imitator
  • Researcher
  • Small business
  • Scalable startup
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Technopreneurship 

It goes without saying that this career path has many advantages and is of great importance. Thanks to entrepreneurship, we have the freedom to customize our work or business based on our needs and lifestyle. 

When we choose the entrepreneurial path, we become our own bosses and don many hats. However, before all that, we must first possess the abilities that’ll enable us to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Skills for Entrepreneurship Career

It takes guts to enter the business world. A strong stomach is definitely required because managing a startup is no joke. Therefore, we must equip ourselves with important and relevant skills that’ll allow us to seize career opportunities in entrepreneurship.

The following are the essential competencies for aspiring entrepreneurs to take note of:


In an entrepreneurial context, it’s imperative to have the ability to make a sale or drive sales. As business owners, we have to be able to sell anything to our prospective customers—even the business idea to potential investors.

Business Management

Business management is yet another crucial skill. Making decisions about the well-being and profitability of the company while juggling multiple tasks and assigning duties to staff members can be made easier as a result of effective managerial skills.

Financial Intelligence

If you really want to pursue career opportunities in entrepreneurship, having financial intelligence will be advantageous. Being proficient in financial concepts such as planning, budgeting, and financial statement analysis will undoubtedly increase your company’s success.


Developing strong communication skills will aid you in working with your staff and investors, whether written or spoken. Additionally, it’ll assist you in explaining what makes your business unique to potential clients, investors, stakeholders, and customers.


As you need to connect with others to market and develop your brand, networking is another important skill. Honing your networking abilities can help you locate talented workers, suppliers, and business associates.

Time Management

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” Hence, time management skills are absolutely essential for entrepreneurs who want to start a business, plan it, carry it out, partner with others, and grow it all at once.


Finally yet importantly, on our list of skills for career opportunities in entrepreneurship is leadership. Keep in mind that being an entrepreneur entails playing a leadership role, one that you must excel at if you want to pave the way for the success of your business team.

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Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

This academic year, the Philippines has more than 4.5 million junior high, senior high, and college students enrolled. Yet, many are still unsure about which college course to take. That is why taking an entrepreneurship course is a good idea, because, as previously stated, there are numerous industry opportunities in entrepreneurship.

In light of that, we have listed some career opportunities in entrepreneurship. Look into these jobs if you’d like a growing career in this field. Here, you’ll also have an idea of the estimated annual salary for each position.

1. Business Manager

Annual salary range:  ₱450,000 to ₱780,000

If you want to work in business management, you’ll be in charge of managing the legal, financial, production, human resources, and administrative aspects of running a company.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Annual salary range: ₱148,000 to ₱2,367,182

If you want to run your own business and provide strategic planning, management, and oversight, then becoming a CEO is for you.

3. Financial Manager

Annual salary range: ₱465,000 to ₱768,000

Financial managers are responsible for managing the company’s finances, analyzing financial data, organizing corporate investment activities, and advising senior management on financial matters.

4. Public Relations Manager

Annual salary range: ₱480,000 to ₱780,000

By fostering connections with the media, creating advertising campaigns, and raising funds for particular projects, public relations managers oversee the public image of their company.

5. Sales

Annual salary range: ₱307,386 to ₱644,400

As you cultivate your sales skills, assuming a sales manager or sales representative role will work out well for you if you want to do market research, customer relations, delegation, and boost profit.

6. Managing Director

Annual salary range: ₱442,500 to ₱825,000

If you imagine yourself supervising a firm’s operations, mediating with investors, promoting strategic corporate growth, and being responsible for overall business success, then managing director is the job for you.

7. Business Consultant

Annual salary range: ₱360,000 to ₱780,000

You might want to consider working as a business consultant if you prefer to identify problems, offer remedies, or guide the execution of new initiatives while also analyzing organizational procedures or various business issues. 

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