5 Reasons Why Canvas Helps Better Learning

Ever wonder why learning had to be so manual before? Those days when assignments were done through paper sheets, and messages had to be given in person has been a relic of its time. With the pandemic happening, a lot of schools had to transition to online computer applications to cope with the lockdown and support student learning. 

However, using a Learning Management Systems doesn’t have to be exclusive to online learning. It also has its practicalities even in face-to-face classes with its helpful features that enable students and teachers to have a better schooling experience. The benefits span from accurate scheduling systems, gamification of learning, and time management among others.

CIIT has always been a tech-forward school–offering well thought of online channels for improved learning even before the pandemic began. By using Canvas, a cloud-based learning management system that offers many features and tools, students were able access their courses and materials from any device with an internet connection, and receive notifications and announcements from their instructors. It also provides students with a more personalized learning experience.

How exactly does Canvas help improve student life?

4 Ways Canvas helps students

1. Intuitive design and user-friendly interface

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While there have been quite a number of online learning management systems flooding the market, each one is designed differently and may not have a smooth user experience as its primary objective. With Canvas, students don’t have to scramble to find certain features or have trouble navigating through the app. Clear fonts, distinguishable navigation, and obvious visual cues make it easier for students to focus more on learning and less time maneuvering around the app.  

2. Personalized learning

No one likes to be treated like a robot– we all have different moods and workflows when we study. To maximize a student’s potential, Canvas enables teachers to manage schoolwork specific to a student’s needs. Called MasteryPaths, it lets teachers instantly deliver content and instruction appropriate to each student’s level of understanding and performance. Neat, huh?

3. Instant content delivery and communication

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We can’t deny that in today’s day and age, convenience is at the top of everyone’s list. Spending time collecting weekly paper handouts, lining up at the photocopying machines, and personal visits to the faculty to ask your teacher a question are some of the usual student tasks that a learning management system does away with.

With Canvas, access to all subject related content and communication to either the teacher or their classmates are a click away for students. Instructions, coursework, and course materials are all available 24/7 so students can focus on learning. The chat tool also enables students and teachers to interact directly for questions, feedback and discussions.

4. Accessible across different devices and locations

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Canvas LMS is a powerful cloud-based platform that enables students to access the dashboard through both mobile and desktop apps. Want a break from sitting in front of your computer? Just access your coursework through your smartphone while taking a coffee break. Learning doesn’t have to restrict you to a certain place (ahem, classrooms) anymore. Vacationing on the beach and still completing schoolwork, provided you have access to a stable internet connection is now a reality.

Canvas and CIIT for effective learning

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Canvas LMS’ intuitive design and range of features make it an excellent choice for both offline and online learning, that’s why CIIT has been using it even before the pandemic.

  • First, it provides a central location for all course materials, which makes it easy for students to find what they need and stay organized. 
  • Second, it offers powerful tools for task and time management, which can help students stay on top of their work. 
  • Third, it provides an easy way for students to take quizzes, submit assignments and track their grades. 
  • Finally, it offers a wealth of resources and support, which can help students succeed in their courses.

Rated highly by learning institutions, Canvas is used by reputable schools both locally and abroad to support and boost student growth. At CIIT, it’s important to have the best tools available for students to prepare them for great opportunities in the working world. 

With Canvas, CIIT’s ground for education offers a more convenient learning platform for students who want to set up a great career or follow their passions. 

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