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Busting Four Top Myths to Trust a Web Design School

Earning a web design degree often leads to various jobs and better paychecks; but why do designers overlook the prize of a web design school to hone their passion?

Here are the top fallacies that may hold you back from studying web design.

 1. A good design is easy to create. You thought designing is an effortless task if you possess that innate talent. In wanting to create great designs, designers always struggle. They realize the task requires personal discipline. So even if you are artistic, it is harder than it seems to build an effective and attractive web site. To be a good designer, you ought to learn basic and useful techniques that will help you improve your ability.

 2. Designers work on layouts alone. Quite the opposite, however, you not only make a site more attractive, you are also doing other roles. You are the salesperson vending your design and getting clients to purchase them; however, mostly you research. Before you revamp a site, you must assess it and define which components need improvement. You program, then insert and layout the contents, complete the framework, and make the site functional.

3. Content is king and design is less relevant. Content gives you good traffic although not every time. In fact, 94 percent of users say they doubt a site with design problems despite the fact that it presents good content, so why give credit to content.

People regard beauty as one reason to trust and stay on a site. For them, a credible site shows certain features.

  1. Simple
  2. Organized
  3. Navigable
  4. Attractive
  5.  Fast
  6.  Has less content
  7.  Has more visuals

4. A degree in design cannot promise artists a good future. With advancements in technology, people assume web designing cannot offer a good future. It merely affords a good future to developers, programmers, and software engineers. This thought is a big lie. While the world shifts towards modernism and reaches for clients, web artists will always be in demand anywhere in the world. Advertising agencies, fashion companies, top automakers, and global businesses will demand your skills in creating a credible web site to boost their brand and strengthen their online presence.

So is it still better to study and earn a degree from web design schools? With the changing technology—yes, a design degree can take you to different career paths and bring you lucrative earnings. The persistence and dedication needed to become a good designer, however, will cause you to earn a college degree. It will make you competent enough to become a leader and obtain a place in the technologically driven design world.

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