Bucket List Ideas: Six New Skills to Acquire in 2017

Filipinos, especially Millennials, love New Year resolutions and goal planning come the start of the year. They love the idea of starting at a blank slate and living their life to the fullest. Do you wish to start your 2017 with a purpose? Check out these six must-have skills and discover how enrolling in schools like multimedia arts college can help.

1. New Language

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Many people want to learn a new language due to varied reasons. For some, they learn a new lingo to communicate more effectively before travelling to a country. Others, however, hope to develop their self-confidence and converse well with offshore business partners.

If you want to be fluent in any language, you can enroll in schools that offer varied learning styles, flexible schedules, and budget-friendly fees.

2. Musical Instrument

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Music can be the best therapy when you’re feeling stressed, bored, or sad. Similarly, playing musical instruments offers many benefits, such as mental development, self-confidence, and happiness.

It’s never too late to bring harmony and melody into your life. With schools like Manila Symphony Orchestra, the top-notch mentors will not only teach you how to play your favorite instrument but also impart methods and habits that’ll be with you for life.

3. Gardening

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The idea of eco living and switching to organic has never been more important today. Aside from being a hobby and stress reliever, gardening can also be your source of food and income.

If you plan to do this as business, learn how to grow, propagate, and sustain your garden the right way. You can attend events and seminars about Natural Farming at Flor’s Garden in Antipolo. 

4. Cooking

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Cooking is a vital skill that everyone should acquire. Learning how to cook your own food is very useful. It can be messy and trying but also a fun activity to do with your family and loved ones.

If your mother is too busy to teach you, you can learn cooking through cookbooks, TV shows, online videos, or cooking schools like Center for Culinary Arts Manila.

5. Creative Writing

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Take your love for books to the next level by learning how to write your own piece. Express yourself more by creating and sharing stories. Whether you choose fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, exposing yourself to the art of creative writing can be a very wise choice.

Put structure in your stories, organize your ideas, learn various writing techniques, and align them to your reader’s interests by joining creative writing workshops in schools like Modern Academy at BGC.

6. Multimedia Arts

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Aside from being a useful hobby, multimedia arts is an in-demand skill in today’s job market. Learning multimedia arts will not only hone your creativity, but will also give you extra reason to earn money.

While you can take online courses, you can take on-campus classes and learn from schools where experts guide your hands-on exercises. Take a college program so you can hone your skills. Apart from offering bachelor degree programs, leading multimedia arts college, CIIT, also provides short courses to students, pros, and aspirants who wish to get formal training in digital arts. Among its courses include photography, web design, photo editing, video editing, and mobile app development. To know more on these programs, you may contact CIIT at (02) 411-1196 or chat with us on facebook.com/ciitphilippines.


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