Boost Your Performance in School with These 5 Best Productivity Apps for Students

Finishing mountains of schoolwork is a normal part of student life. It’s how your teachers measure what you’ve learned so far including other parameters. As a student, you’re not always at your most productive to tick off all the tasks on your list. When the unproductive days come, curb your student’s block with some of the best productivity apps for students.


Achieve More With the Best Productivity Apps for Students 

With face-to-face classes in 2022 now in full swing, these apps (and some tips for Filipino students) will get you through the busiest days:


1. Notion

Used for: Note-taking, project management, personal use

Available in: Android, iOS

Notion’s all-in-one workspace usability makes it the perfect app for channeling creativity and organizing priorities. This app has all the features you need for school and personal use. Go to Template > Student section and use templates for Cornell Notes System, Class Notes, Simple Budget, and Thesis Planning. These useful features streamline your note-taking, allowance budgeting, and research work processes. 

For taking random notes, add a page to use a blank template to write anything. Use Quick Notes and Task List features to jot down short notes and simple to-do lists, respectively. With Notion, you can customize templates, focus on the most important tasks, and keep the best notes with you.


2. Trello

Used for: Project management

Available in: Android, iOS

Trello is not just for the corporate workers but for students as well. It’s perfect for project management and workflow creation. Put together and organize your to-do lists in cards and move them to another board once accomplished. Drag and drop attachments onto cards to avoid going through endless emails when searching for a single document. 

Keep your team accountable when working on big projects like school events with Checklists. Put due dates on task descriptions and assign them to people. You won’t have to ask who’s doing what when your checklist says it all. 

And when you’re feeling tired in the middle of working, lessen the strain on your eyes with Trello’s Dark Mode. You’d feel more productive working in the middle of the night.


3. Pocket

Used for: Saving article links

Available in: Android, iOS

Pocket is an app that compiles online sources for your assignments and research papers. It’s your private corner where you can add any article and read them at your own pace. Pocket also curates and recommends the best articles on the internet for your reading pleasure. No need to send articles to yourself via private message—Pocket has them all in your personalized library.


4. Tide

Used for: Physical and mental care, Focus

Available in: Android, iOS

Tide makes an excellent companion for the mental health break for students. It has a wide array of built-in calming nature and meditation sounds. Listen to these sounds to gather your thoughts, renew your mind, and concentrate better on the task at hand.

Tide also has a Focus timer which employs the Pomodoro technique—working for 25 minutes straight and taking short breaks in between. When you’re feeling demotivated, Tide’s built-in quotes will cheer you up and replenish your lost motivation. 


5. Forest

Used for: Focus

Available in: Android, iOS

Forest helps you focus on your tasks and save the environment. Plant a tree by putting your phone down for 30 minutes and waiting for it to grow. You’d also be surprised how much work you’ve done too! Forest partners with the tree-planting organization Trees for the Future to plant trees based on credits earned when using the app. It feels amazing to regain your focus and do your part for the environment. 


At CIIT, You Can Make the Most Out of Your Productivity

With the barrage of school work you’re facing every week, staying productive and focused using applications will get you back on track. Applications can help keep away distractions, organize your to-lists, and optimize your day-to-day tasks. 

And at CIIT, we know how tech can improve your life as a student. That’s why we provide you with the software you need to excel at your skill. Students who enroll with us gain access to softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Toon Boom, Unity 3D, CPanel, Autodesk, Java,  and more. They also get to use our online learning management software, so they can easily study and review learning guides, discussions, and learning materials.

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