Student thrilled after reading CIIT tuition payment system FAQs

Things You Should Know About CIIT’s Tuition Fee Payment System

Education is one of the most valuable investments we can make to build a better future. Learning the right skills and gaining a positive mindset can lead us to various career options. In order to achieve these benefits, one must consider crucial factors such as the quality of teaching, facilities, ...
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Learn mobile app development to create apps for Android and iOS phone

Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Development

Mobile app market is one of the most promising industries today. According to Statista, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion US dollars in revenue through paid downloads and in-app advertising in 2023. Hence, it is never too late to enter this thriving field. Learn mobile app ...
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Helpful books students need to study gamification

Reasons to Study Gamification Today

To secure a better future and career, most senior high school students opt to take in-demand courses. These include tech-related degrees like computer science and information technology. But due to the rise of digital games and apps, courses related to entertainment and multimedia computing follows closely. Some even pursue courses ...
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Pen, paper, and calculator for the new k to 12 grading system

The New K to 12 Curriculum Grading System

Though it has been years since the educational reform in 2012, we can still deem the k to 12 curriculum fairly new and subject for a full review. For newly applied systems like this, full grasp of the new grading and assessment process is vital to achieve transparency. To know ...
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Entertainment and multimedia computing student with MacBook and books

Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Course: In A Nutshell

Are you an avid fan of mobile games? From Clash of Clans to Mobile Legends, do you enjoy the thrill and challenges of leveling up can bring? Do you sometimes wish to add your own weapons or control what happens to the game? Turn this dream of yours into reality ...
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A person analyzing raw data for data science

Everything You Need to Know About Data Science

Modern times call for modern solutions. As we advance in this digital age, we acquire large amount of valuable data from our daily lives. From our menial house tasks to our complex school or business projects, surely there’s something we could observe and keep for future reference. However, these data ...
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The theory of multiple intelligences and how it can help you in choosing your SHS strand

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Its Relevance to Choosing Your SHS Strand

The concept of intelligence isn’t confined to just one facet of “being smart.” Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist and professor, believed that the traditional concept of intelligence is far too narrow and limited. Further, IQ tests often miss out on other facets of being smart that one may have. Instead, ...
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How to choose the perfect SHS track and strand for you

How to Choose the Perfect SHS Track and Strand for You

You’ve finally made it. Congratulations on finishing Junior High! Now that you’re about to take the next big step, you should pause and think about what track and strand you must choose. You have to take into account important factors that will determine which track will be your “the one.” ...
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