CIIT Journey: The Single Mom who Empowers the World to Design

Being a solo parent is not an easy task. Even more, when you have a full-time job commitment that requires you to be on your desk from 9 AM to 5 PM. One of our specialist students, however, proved that working as a full-time mom and a full-time marketing professional ...
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CIIT Move: The Future of Education

As we ride through the waves of digital progress, the needs of our society also change. This includes the shift of priorities in our school systems. How can technology affect the future of our school system? Know more about online distance learning and how it can reshape our society from ...
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Online education student taking down notes

Back to School Guide to Help You Survive the “New Normal”

School’s starting soon! Prepare yourself as you’ll meet your teachers and classmates once again for another exciting school year. But this year might be different from previous ones, for most of your meetings will be done virtually. This semester, public and private schools will start to implement blended learning as ...
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Students taking online courses indoors

Online Courses That Will Keep You Busy This Quarantine

Are you looking for something worthwhile to do during this quarantine period? This is the perfect time to improve your skills while staying indoors. Beat your boredom with these productive online courses. Read on to know more of these virtual learning sites. Perks of Taking Online Courses Here are the ...
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Student and teacher during lecture in online learning program

Preparing for the New Normal with Online Learning Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has heralded the coming of a new normal. And to prepare and adapt to this change, CIIT would like to help and encourage our students to continue their education through our online learning program. We are driven by our belief that pursuing their studies and passion is ...
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Students adapting blended learning in the Philippines

Get to Know More About Blended Learning in the Philippines

We’re finally approaching the last days of summer! For teachers and students, this season marks the start of another school year. Malls and bookstores are usually packed with visitors scrambling over stacks of pens, notebooks, and other school supplies—until last year. Whereas bookstore aisles were filled with excited kids and ...
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Student practicing online courses productivity hacks

Online Classes Productivity Hacks for the Coming Semester

Bye traditional face-to-face classes for now; say hello to online classes. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the government released precautionary methods that seek to ‘flatten the curve’ of increasing pandemic cases. One of these is the enforcement of blended learning among our public and private school systems. This setup combines ...
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Happy students because of CIIT Edusuite School Management System

CIIT Philippines Partners With Edusuite

In this time and age, the influence of technology has reached a larger scale. The impact has greatly affected our education system which paved the way to modern solutions to our existing problems. One of these solutions is the inception of school management systems. These systems are tools schools use ...
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