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Factors to Consider and Tips for Choosing a Graphic Design School

Are you an incoming senior high school (SHS) student with a passion for graphic design? If yes, Arts and Design is the right track for you to hone your skills in this field. Maybe, you’re still undecided where to enroll. Hence, what should you consider in choosing the best graphic design school? Note the following tips to pick an SHS or private visual graphic design college that can help you mold your creativity to becoming an expert graphic designer.


How to Find the Best Graphic Design School for You

How to Choose the Best Graphic Design School for You - Infographic

    1. Mission Statement and Program Description

    The school’s name doesn’t always mirror how it delivers quality education. In contrast, its mission and program description does. Hence, your first step when searching for a school is to learn more about it and how its offers can help you reach your dream career. Read the school’s mission statement and get hints on what to expect. The program description, on the one hand, gives you an idea on how success looks like in taking such a program. Do both sets of details match what you want in and how you define graphic design? To answer this, examine if they align or are consistent with your goals.

    2. Specialization

    Your choice of a high school track is a crucial decision and is something that can make or break your dream career. Hence, as an incoming Grade 11 pupil interested in graphic design, find one that offers the Arts and Design track where your field of choice belongs. Further, choose a private college approved by the Department of Education (DepEd). Its program must grant a certificate or diploma, too, to help boost your employability after graduating from SHS.

    3. Curriculum

    In any event, find a college that offers a useful, solid, modern, and industry-focused graphic design track. By looking at the course syllabus, you’ll see the subjects, letting you see if they suit your passion and interests. Further, review its curriculum and see if it has enough breadth and means to make learning easy. Don’t just dwell on the major subjects, check also the minors and electives. Besides, one of the most vital points to ponder is portfolio preparation, which helps students to master and grow in their learning.

    4. Teaching and Training

    Senior high schools aim to give students the essential skills that will arm them in their career or further college study. Hence, it’s the best time, too, for them to experience hands-on training. Thus, pick a school that offers a perfect balance between theories or concepts and practical applications. Since graphic design covers a wide spectrum of mediums, you must gain exposure and experience in making designs using a variety of means.

    5. Tools, Facilities, and Resources

    Not every school offers the Arts and Design track. Inquirer.net states institutions can only do so if they can improve their facilities and teaching resources. The local community, too, must have a demand for the track’s offer. To be sure of the school’s tools and resources, visit the campus, ask its students, or check its website. Further, it pays to know if your school of choice stays current with industry trends and technology in teaching graphic design. In addition, check its tools (such as software), library, computer facility, and working studios.

    6. Class Size

    Learning graphic design asks for a tailored teaching approach. Therefore, going to a small graphic design college can be your best choice because it offers a program that allows you to focus on learning. In particular, teachers with small class sizes can give more attention to their students’ unique needs until they understand the lessons or function on their own.

    7. Expense

    A graphic design course in a private school may be expensive, but it matters. Further, ponder on this question: do the considerable factors justify the sum of money you’ll spend in learning graphic design?

    8. Place and Environment

    Is the school’s site accessible, safe, and convenient for learning? Does it foster a caring and supportive environment to students? Given these points, two yeses mean it’s ideal for you!

    9. Reputation

    If you’ll study graphic design, consider, too, the quality of graduates and faculty and the school’s culture or environment. These features can give you insights on the state of the learning institution; thus, help you make a wise choice.

A Few Reminders

sticky notes

The Arts and Design track for Grades 11 and 12 focuses not only on graphic design or any field. As with other tracks, it includes core and contextualized subjects within the four semesters. Specialization subjects, in contrast, include eight art-related subjects. Yet, you can choose a specialized education program for SHS students.

As approved by DepEd, a few local schools offer programs taken from a hybrid of tracks. With this, you can master the field where most of the subjects focus on your target industry.

Make a wise choice. Remember, your education is one of the key factors that can change or influence your future.


Without a doubt, graphic design is relevant today, and learning it will give you endless opportunities.

Named as one of the best graphic design school in the Philippines, CIIT offers Media and Visual Arts as a field of specialization under the ICT track. The course aims to help you hone your talent in graphic design.

So, what’s great about studying CIIT’s Media and Visual Arts course? The school will credit your subjects in SHS if you enroll in any of its two related college programs, cutting short your tertiary education. For more details on CIIT’s SHS tracks, go to our Senior High School Programs page.

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