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6 Best Apps for ABM Students to Stay Organized and Productive

As technology continues to thrive in the 21st century, it has significantly transformed the way we go on with our daily lives, including the landscape of education. Gone are the days of traditional blackboards, Manila papers and cartolinas, chalks, and textbooks as the primary tools of learning. In fact, with the use of digital devices, students and educators can easily obtain pertinent academic data, collaborate, and engage in learning—all in just a few clicks.

Likewise, numerous applications have been specifically developed to cater to the academic needs of learners, including accountancy, business, and management (ABM) students which can boost productivity and improve learning experience. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps for ABM students to support your academic journey.

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What are Educational Applications?

Also known as educational technology or ‘edtech’, educational applications are software programs designed to facilitate and boost student learning. These apps, whether for mobile phones, tablets, or other devices, can be used in different learning environments—from traditional four-wall classrooms to virtual settings.

In addition, these educational technologies can be used either independently or collaboratively. Some apps let students customize their learning experience and work at their convenience, while others allow learners to team up and share progress with their classmates and teachers.

As such, these educational apps have played a key role in helping students enhance their learning experience toward improved academic performance.

The Advantages of Using Applications in Education

The incorporation of technology in education has opened up new possibilities, and apps have emerged as powerful tools that are changing the educational system. Here are some advantages of using apps in education.

1. Easy Access to Information

As long as connected to the internet, Wi-Fi, or mobile data, you can easily access educational content and other necessary information—anytime, anywhere. Hence, it would be easier for you to study and learn at your own pace.

2. Enhanced Learning Experience

A more interactive and engaging learning experience can be achieved not only in the four walls of a classroom, but also using educational applications. How? Some of these apps have features, such as animation, gamification, simulations, and quizzes, making learning more interactive, engaging, and fun!

3. Personalized Learning

Even in the traditional classroom, educators make sure that they meet the unique needs of each student. Good thing, educational apps can also address the needs of individual students as these also provide customized adaptive learning to cater to student’s learning style.

4. Improved Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration between students and teachers can boost the productivity and quality of discourse in the classroom. With education technologies, you can work collaboratively on group projects or share insights and notes with your peers through different online platforms, real-time.

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6 Must-Have Apps for ABM Students

Now that you have an idea about the advantages of using applications in education, it’s also important to know what are the best apps for ABM students like you and how these can aid you with your studies. Without further ado, listed below are some commonly used apps by ABM students that can help address a variety of needs and challenges related to your coursework and career interests.

1. QuickBooks

A popular accounting software used by small- and medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks allows users to easily manage their finances, monitor expenses and income, create financial reports, and process payments. Likewise, as you use this software, you can gain hands-on experience in preparing and handling invoices, generating financial statements, and making informed decisions based on the financial data.

2. Mint

One of the best apps for ABM students is Mint, a free and open-source personal finance management software. This app helps you manage your finances and allows you to connect all financial accounts in one digital space. Since you’ll be exposed to a number of financial concepts, which include taxes, investments, and financial planning, using Mint can help you put these into practice and learn how these concepts are applied in real-world scenarios.

3. Evernote

Being highly organized is one of the crucial traits of business leaders. With Evernote as your go-to note-taking app, you’ll be able to capture and arrange different types of information, such as images, audio recordings, and text notes, and tag them for easy searching and filtering. Not only that, you can also share your notes with your peers, which is an efficient way to collaborate on your group projects.

4. SimpleMind

An easy-to-use mind mapping software, SimpleMind helps you organize and visualize your ideas and thoughts in a hierarchical structure, as well as remember information. You can use this app to brainstorm for your academic tasks; understand complex concepts and theories in your study; and review and recall information more effectively. Plus, using SimpleMind enables you to work on the same mind map simultaneously.

5. Google Workspace

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a suite of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. With this platform, you’ll be able to collaborate with your classmates on group projects, assignments, and presentations which makes group work more efficient and streamlined. Additionally, with its online storage platform, you can save your files and notes in one place, which is accessible from any device as long as there’s an internet connection.

6. Microsoft Office Suite

Another best app for ABM students is Microsoft Office Suite. Developed by Microsoft Corporation, it’s a collection of productivity applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote that can help you perform academic tasks effectively and efficiently. With this tool, you’ll be able to work on data analysis, report generation, document creation, and presentation preparation.

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Embark on Your Journey with CIIT Philippines’ ABM Strand

A number of applications, programs, and software today are being developed that are aimed at supporting student learning. Therefore, it’s also crucial to equip yourself with a quality education from a school that offers industry-backed curricula and is recognized by industry experts and company partners. This, in turn, ensures that you receive a relevant and up-to-date education that prepares you for the demands of the modern workplace.

CIIT Philippines’ ABM strand, along with our bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in today’s dynamic digital economy. Designed to develop a modern business mindset that thrives in the rapidly evolving workplace, our curriculum—that is integrated with technology—prepares you to navigate the current business landscape with confidence and competence.

In addition, our approach is centered on practical applications. We understand the importance of staying agile and being responsive to the ever-changing needs of the industry. That is why CIIT continuously reviews and updates its curriculum to ensure its alignment with the latest industry trends and developments.

We also make sure that each subject is paired with industry-grade software used by both local and international companies. This allows you to gain practical experience with the same tools and technologies that are commonly used in real-world business environments.

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