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Everything You Need to Know Before Entering an Animation School

Animated movies have been around since 1906. It has also gone through many forms within the last century. Since then, it’s been used to help tell messages, entertain, push propaganda, and stir thought. That is the power of animation. It has helped shape society and connect people across the globe.

True enough, they affect people that some novels and live-action films can’t do.

Do you dream of becoming an animator yourself? Then you need to hone your skills as early as now. Thanks to tech’s progress, you can now pick a tablet and draw your stories for the world to see.

CIIT Philippines, the best animation school in the country, is here to guide you achieve your dreams! Read through this blog to learn everything about animation.

What is Animation?

Animation is a whole new way of showing creativity. It captures drawings of static images in sequence. Then, they’re played in quick order to copy real-life actions.

It’s a useful visual communication tool, giving way to many types of storytelling. Indeed, it catches more attention than static images.

Thanks to the artists in history, we now have a wide range of animation techniques that appeal to a wide set of crowds. Animated films are not only for children; adults can also enjoy them as well. Famous cases include Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park. Likewise, there are animated films that appeal to both adults and children at the same time. Do Up, Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Shrek sound familiar to you?

CIIT Philippines students honing their coloring skills for animation school

Can You Become an Animator Even If You Can’t Draw?

If you want to become a 2D animator, then no. On the other hand, although there are artists who make great animations, you don’t need to have superb drawing skills for modern types of animation. Why? The most famous animated films these days are computer-generated.

Examples include Pixar films, Disney films, Warner Bros. Animation films, and most cartoons.

So, how will you become a world-class animator? You must possess a sense of timing, staging, and motion. You should also have an eye on how to convey emotions, jokes, and various moments effectively.

Careers for Animation Graduates

Other than becoming an animator, there are other great careers you can pursue. Here are some of the job options once you graduate from an animation school:

  1. Concept Artist
  2. Game Developer
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Illustrator
  5. VFX Artist
  6. Web Designer
  7. Advertising Art Director
  8. Film Director
  9. Video Editor
  10. Multimedia Specialist
  11. Production Designer
  12. TV and Film Producer
  13. SFX Technician
  14. TV Production Coordinator

How Can I Become an Animator?

To become an animator, you must first take up either Multimedia Arts (MMA), specialization in Animation, Graphic Design, or other related courses.

It’s tough to get into the animation field. Good news, apart from a bachelor’s degree, there are ways on how you reach your dream.

First, are you familiar with specialist or short courses? These are programs of studies that aim to teach focused skills within a short time. CIIT offers 3D Animation Specialist program in Quezon City and Alabang campuses.

Second, building your technical skills, network, and art portfolio is a must. At CIIT, students are empowered to establish their craft through CIIT Gallery. From animation to mural art, we allow our students to enjoy and showcase their masterpieces on this site.

With these, are you excited to finally achieve your dream of becoming a skilled artist?

CIIT animation school students having a meeting for their upcoming project

Where Can I Study Animation in the Philippines?

Your choice of animation school can greatly impact your chances of becoming a great animator. Hence, make sure you choose the best animation school. At CIIT Philippines, we make sure the education we offer transforms you into a globally competitive expert who’s ready to take on any task in the field.

Want to study in the best animation school in the Philippines? Check out our Bachelor of Multimedia Arts:

Best animation school courses

These told, here are some BMMA subjects we provide under each major:


  • Digital Story Boarding
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Acting for Animation
  • Advanced 3D Animation

Film and Video Production

  • Writing for Film and Television
  • Acting and Directing for Film
  • Documentary Film
  • Cinematography

Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D and 4D Graphics
  • Fashion Graphics
  • Brand and Packaging Design

So, what are you waiting for? Be the best animator of your time today!

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