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Best Animation School Philippines: Why Whiteboard Video Is a Hit

Videos are useful to people and firms in this digital age. They not only amuse but also come in handy in sharing and gaining valuable knowledge. These explain why many viewers find motion pictures amazing. In fact, millions of online users visit video-sharing sites and spend long hours watching them.

Of the many forms and contents of clips, whiteboard animation (WBA) has become a huge success among individuals, institutions, and groups such as firms and non-governmental agencies. What makes WBAs famous nowadays? CIIT, a digital arts school in the Philippines, applies this form of animation and proves why it functions as an essential part of the teaching and digital marketing industries.

Whiteboard Animation (WBA)

WBA is a video presentation that depicts an idea, message, or story as live whiteboard drawing which an artist creates. It records the act of drawing or the course of a piece of artwork with the purpose of showing the product for viewing. In a few clips, however, viewers cannot always see the artist draw on a whiteboard or his hand every time. The artist adds effects to the video itself applying either a time-lapse or stop-motion technique.

Over the years, this form of video technique evolves and we now see its application in diverse styles. WBAs, however, have been viral and attention grabbing.

Reasons People Use WBA

Firms and institutions apply whiteboard animation because of its worth and versatility.

• Firms
WBAs serve as a helpful digital marketing tool for firms regardless of size. But startups appear to gain greater returns than big and stable companies. As marketing tool, WBAs function as a smart introduction that leave a lasting impression on viewers. Through it, startup companies can share a story or convey an idea in a unique and easy manner. Hence, startups must make sure their videos are artistic, appealing, and interesting so they will be able to sell their ideas or leap forward. Firms even use WBAs to mentor workers and discuss details such as plans. Explainer videos, in the same way, allow workers to grasp their roles and duties well to meet the finest trade standards and reach corporate goals.

• Schools
Animation thrills students. Thus, using WBAs in schools allows learners to grasp new lessons while having fun. Through film clips, the teachers can explain topics with ease with no need for a reenactment.

If you have passion for the arts and wish to hone your artistic talents in making motion pictures, enroll at CIIT, the best animation school in the Philippines.

For details on its programs, contact 411-1196 or visit this link: www.ciit-ph.com.

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