It can be a real challenge to make your brand known. Thankfully, there are easy ways to practice online marketing for entrepreneurs.

Starting a Business? Learn the Basics of Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Starting a small business in the Philippines is a matter of testing the waters. You might have a brilliant idea for a business, but getting your brand name out there is the real challenge. With digital marketing still reigning supreme, you certainly don’t want to be left behind. In this article, let’s talk about the basics of online marketing for entrepreneurs.

Crash Course on Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Every business, big or small, benefits from being online. Learning how to market your brand has become not only important but more so essential in order to keep your business afloat at this time. 

If you want to be a successful Filipino entrepreneur, get miles ahead of your competitors by applying these techniques:

Study your target market

The first step to online marketing for entrepreneurs is to draft actual personas.

The most basic tip for starting a small business in the Philippines is knowing your target market. They’re the ones you’d want to consume every promotion that you put out there. You need to know who will benefit from your products and services. 

The first step to online marketing for entrepreneurs is to draft actual personas. This means having an idea of the full character of your customers. What age group are they in? Which genders will likely be your repeat customers? What are their occupations? What specific needs does your product address on their behalf? Once you get past that, it will be easy for you to market your business online. 

Generate leads through email

Reaching out to potential customers via email can be a valuable tactic in online marketing for entrepreneurs.

Reaching out to potential customers via a personal (or personal-sounding) email can be a valuable marketing tactic. Email marketing is now a widely used method of promoting your products and services. 

Since almost everyone uses email, investing in this can help you gain new customers and retain existing ones. Set up a weekly newsletter where you highlight your best items. Because of these tricks, you can win a massive reach with just a few clicks. 

Set up a website

Now, what’s an online business without a working and useful website? This is where you post a huge bulk of your content. It’s also crucial to have a landing page to direct your newsletters and online ads. After all, the majority of Filipinos now have a digital presence, so make the most of that.

To effectively pursue entrepreneurship in the Philippines, you should create a website that users can easily navigate. Plus points if you can make your UX mobile-friendly and accessible. Filipinos prefer using phones more than desktops when browsing online marketplaces, among other things, so make sure to capitalize on this. 

Build a social media presence

Bank on trends on TikTok or Facebook, and adapt them for your own online marketing for entrepreneurs.

At this point, you already know the kind of grip social media has on all of us. You see a handful of ads as you scroll down. Having a strong presence on social media will make your brand recognizable. 

If you want optimal results in using social media, try out videos or photos. Bank on trends on TikTok or Facebook, and adapt them for your own marketing. And of course, don’t forget to make sure you have an engaging copy. 

Make engaging content

Online marketing for entrepreneurs require consistent, engaging content.

Content could mean a lot of things. Photos, videos, blog posts, infographics, and literally anything under the sun could be used to draw in potential customers. This is why social media and blog content usually go hand-in-hand. 

In order to keep your content engaging, you should take a page or two from these tips:

  • Bank on the human aspect of your brand. In the age of influencer marketing, people usually prefer to interact with brands with a “human face”. This means that the way brands communicate should no longer sound corporate and stiff. Inject humor into your copies, post “behind the scenes” videos, reply to your followers with GIFs. You can even make your own memes related to your niche!
  • Tell authentic stories. Similar to the first point, people respond better to storytelling. While you should pay attention to your data analytics, online marketing for entrepreneurs should not be limited to what’s the top keyword or what’s currently viral. Focus on weaving a compelling story for your brand and watch your follower count grow. This way, you’d also more conveniently find the right audience to tap.
  • Don’t forget your visuals. Let’s face it, we humans are quite the visual creatures. Beauty may be subjective, but when it comes to design, there are standards we typically lean towards. Make sure you keep your creative assets consistent and appropriate to your branding. It may be tempting to stick with minimalist design since it looks easy, but trust us, it doesn’t work for everyone. 

Learn How to Do Entrepreneurship in the Philippines in the Best Way Possible

Pursuing entrepreneurship in the Philippines is never a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. By pursuing tertiary-level studies in business, you will learn the ropes of starting a small business in the Philippines and more. Online marketing for entrepreneurs is just one of the many aspects of entrepreneurship that you can learn and master. 

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