Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

Major in Animation / Film and Video Production / Graphic Design



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Launch your creative career

Learn to animate drawings, do professional photography, master industry-standard videography techniques, and specialize in the craft of sound editing! With the advent of accessible digital tools, Multimedia Arts has truly broadened the mediums by which we choose to express ourselves. The artist is no longer limited to paint on canvas. And their creation is not restricted in its audience but can be exhibited to the world. Concepts of creativity and artistry have been elevated to a higher stand of production, making story-telling more effective and more powerful. Art is timeless and ever-evolving because creativity knows no bounds. And as the mediums of creating art multiply, the artist is able to make their work more personal and their audience becomes more universal.

Be free to express yourself through our Multimedia Arts program. Learn the basics of design, animation and photography and specialize your studies through one of our three majors. We encourage you to develop a diverse skill set which will enable you to become employable in almost any field whether you decide to work in a corporation or as a freelancer. Become a part of a colorful community that collaborates and creates together. Be an artist, designer, animator, director or illustrator. In this course, you have the power to choose your own path.

1st year

Elements and Principle of Design
Color Theory
2D Animation
Digital Photography

2nd year

Typography and Layout
Writing for New Media
3D Modeling
Multimedia Publishing
Film and Video Production
Interactive Media Design
3D Animation

3rd year

Post Production Techniques
Advertising Design Principles
Production Design
Business Venture in Multimedia
New Media Culture

What Scholarships You Can Access


  • 50-100% fee remission
  • Offered to incoming freshmen students with excellent SHS grades


  • 20% fee remission
  • Offered to the top 50 successful applicants of the CIIT College Admissions Test

What To Look Forward To

All instructors teaching the BMMA program have previously or are currently working in an industry closely related to the class they handle. You have the opportunity to develop not only your theoretical knowledge but also acquire practical skills needed to pursue a career.
Being in the Arts and tech industry for more than 10 years, CIIT has been able to establish good relationships with many different startup and multinational companies. Our relationships allow for a curriculum based on the latest industry trends. It also allows our students to pursue internships in these companies by making use of CIIT’s partnerships with them.
As a CIIT student, you’ll be given access to the latest technological tools which will aid you in maximizing your ability to create the best quality work. A wide selection of genuine software licenses will be provided for your individual use. Licenses for creative softwares like Adobe CC are inclusive in your school fees and are available to you as long as you are a student of CIIT. All software applications offered are industry-standard; We encourage you to explore them independently and become a creator of your own innovative content. Aside from Adobe, students have access to softwares such as Toon Boom, 3DS Max, Flash, Python Java and Unity.
CIIT uses Canvas as a virtual classroom to ensure that all our students can access all their lessons at any time. To learn more about how CIIT has adapted their classes for online learning, please visit CIIT’s Modern Virtual Education (MOVE) page.

One of the things I love in CIIT is how accessible it is compared to other art colleges while still providing high quality teaching and resources for its students.

Caleb Barasi


I am glad that mostly the faculty and staff of CIIT is very approachable and respond quickly with our questions or inquiries. The other thing that I have noticed that I like is the openness to creative thinking for us students and the use of modern tools or technology for our learning experience.

Nesrine Hegy

Graphic Design

Students can freely express themselves through their art. The teachers are welcoming and are passionate about what they love. No day is ever a bore without the amazing staff that looks after the students.

Leonise Alexandra Briones Mercado


One thing I love the most about CIIT is its affordable tuition. It really is hard to find an art school without having to empty your wallet, which makes students turn their backs on arts and go for a course that is relatively cheaper. I also hear lots of good things about how CIIT is very welcoming to any gender. It is very important to me that every student feels accepted and loved in their institution.

Jessielin Fabon

Graphic Design

The community within CIIT is one of the best in terms of friendship and support.

Sylvia Mae Feliciano


I like how they focus on Digital Arts and Technology courses that utilize a lot of new resources out there to help students become their best, like offering access to Adobe CC. I also like how CIIT, to me, has this air of youthfulness to it, and it really tries to be ambitious, but also, truly dedicated to becoming one of the best schools in the country that specializes in offering Digital Arts and Technology degrees.

Arianne Collado


What I like best about CIIT is that it nurtures the student's passion in the arts and technologies. It feels like a community full of unique students that pursue to improve themselves and grow with their peers. CIIT makes the college journey worth-doing, professional, and exciting.

Eliana Joyce Canales

Graphic Design

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