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Bachelor of Fine Arts at CIIT: What Makes It Different?

Are you looking for the best digital arts program in the Philippines? Well, you might just find it in Quezon City.

Top digital arts school, CIIT College of Arts and Technology, has recently launched its own Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this 2014.

Unlike any other universities and colleges, CIIT takes advantage of technology and uses top-of-the line software and modern methodologies in teaching. Its curriculum adapts a more practical program that embraces both tradition and innovation.

Education and Skills Mismatch

If you notice, most schools offering Fine Arts programs these days focus on providing basic majors, such as advertising, painting, interior design, industrial design, studio arts, cinema studies, and theater arts.

While these are excellent courses, some of these subjects may no longer be relevant in this era. Most firms today demand the use of computers and software in their production houses. Sure students may learn the basics from these old courses, but they would have a hard time applying them in the actual work setting.

Newer and Better Offer

With CIIT, you can learn both traditional and modern techniques. The school offers two of the best fields in digital arts. If you want to take this degree and hone your skills better, choose the major that best suits your craft and passion.

  • Majors. CIIT offers two major programs: Digital Painting and Sculpture and Visual Arts and Design.
  • Fields to master. Each major has six fields that you can master.
  • Modern. CIIT’s Fine Arts program can help you transform basic techniques into modern applications through multimedia arts.

Taking BA Fine Arts in an IT school that specializes in multimedia arts is an experience like no other.

Apart from its modern facilities and relevant program, CIIT employs instructors and practitioners who are experts in their fields, too. It teams up with trusted firms to deliver the most effective training to students. Indeed, the school promises not just excellent education. It vows to hone its students’ skills toward reaching a great career.

Do you have any questions about CIIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program? Go ahead and send an e-mail to info@ciit-ph.com. You may also visit their web site at www.ciit-ph.com.

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