What Senior High School Arts and Design Track Has to Offer

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what you need to know about the arts and design track in the Philippines

Among the four tracks offered in senior high school, Arts and Design track is the path that will lead you to the creative field right after you graduate. Once you’ve chosen the arts and design track, you must know the core subjects. You must be willing to take effort in absorbing skills and knowledge needed to fuel your ride. People should stop viewing the arts and design track as just an option to create leisure and hobby. Arts and design track career options vary in forms and could take you to greater heights; however, you must know what type of edge you want to master and how you can grow professionally.

As the Philippines continues to implement the added years in our learning system, more people need to believe that it prepares a student to become professional and work ready holistically. The key purpose of arts and design track is to produce creative job-ready professionals who want to join the workforce and leave a substantial impact. What’s good about the curriculum is its structure to expose you to the different areas of the creative field. We are talking about multimedia forms such as industrial and interior design, architecture, animation, photography, film, performing arts and a lot more.

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What is Senior High School’s Arts and Design Track?

The arts and design track is where you can harness your creative pursuits. This track allows you to discover your interests in various fields circling around designing, visual and media arts, performing arts and literary arts. As per DepEd Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC, the program should improve artists and designer’s skill. He even added that it aims to arm students with technical skills and modern application.

What are the Subjects You’ll Take in the Arts and Design Track?

In the Senior High School curriculum, there are core subjects in eight learning areas that the senior high school students must take. After, they head towards the applied and specialized subjects according to their chosen track and strands.

This is from DepEd’s suggested arts and design track schedule of subjects. According to DepEd, some subjects require prerequisites in the contextualized subjects and specialization subjects.

Arts and Design Track suggested schedule of subjects

What are Your Career Options for Taking Arts and Design Strands?

If you still doubt what you’ll do after taking this route, sway away your thoughts for you can achieve a well-paid work from it. In performing arts, you can use the skills to become great songwriters, theater and play directors, scriptwriters or creative producers. You can even cultivate a career in line with fashion, crafts and design enthusiast. And in visual and media arts, your career options are countless. In the advent of technology, you’ll surely find a lucrative career in graphics, visual, multimedia, and computer design.

The arts and design courses in the Philippines will credit your subjects and effort to lessen your time in college. However, not all schools are capable of offering the Arts and Design track. CIIT upgraded their school to offer quality education for senior high school students who want to trail this track.

CIIT Philippines: Senior High School Ready

Among the private schools, CIIT Philippines welcomes senior high school enrollees who want to take arts and design track. You can enroll and pursue Media and Visual Arts specialization leading to Bachelor of Multimedia Arts—if you want to finish an undergraduate degree. You can land Arts and Design track jobs such as to become a videographer, photographer, production designer, graphic designer, illustrator, digital artist, and etc.

Do you have further inquiries about the CIIT’s senior high school tracks? Visit our page and inquire now!

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