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Arts and Design Track Jobs that You Can Pursue this 2022

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could one day pursue your passion for art and design? Perhaps you’re an aspiring creative professional but you have no idea where to start. If you’ve always had a knack for creativity, an eye for design, or a burning desire for art and culture, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to go over the different arts and design track jobs that are available to you.

Along with listing all the jobs related to the creative track, we’ll also run through the benefits of pursuing an arts and design track or degree.

The Arts and Design Track: A Closer Look

As a hopeful artistic professional, you will get to practice your craft on a daily basis. That’s why if you take creative courses, they will expose you to the inner workings of the creative industry. 

For instance, if you train to be an animator, you’ll be able to develop animations in collaboration with a variety of experts, including game designers and film directors. This opportunity to network with professionals in the same field opens up new perspectives and allows you to advance both personally and professionally.

That being the case, an arts and design track is perfect if you want to turn your interest in art into a fulfilling and worthwhile career. In addition, arts and design track job prospects have only gotten better over the years. With the advent of technology, the number of fields you can enter with your arts and design degree has increased substantially.

Creative work encompasses many forms of media. Aside from the fine arts and performing arts, arts and design track jobs include animation, film, graphic and UX design, and web content and design.

In a society where most parents prefer their children to become doctors or lawyers, art education is still not as well-regarded as science education. However, as you discover more about who you are and your passion for the arts, you can be a successful creative professional. Nonetheless, this track will broaden your horizons, help you develop a deeper appreciation for art, and provide you with in-demand, 21st-century skills.

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Career Outlook for Arts and Design Track Jobs

Before the pandemic, ASEAN had begun promoting creative trade and services. In line with this, government officials drafted the Creative Industries Development Act, which has since been enacted into law. The law supports the country’s creative sector and propels the economic expansion of the nation.

Furthermore, Ramon M. Lopez, former Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) secretary, said that the country is in a competitive position when it comes to exporting creative products during the Creative Futures 2021 online forum.

Although the pandemic hit the Philippine creative industry, Filipino arts and design professionals are bouncing back as countries adapt to the health crisis the world is facing. Because of this, you can expect to see the rise of animation, digital marketing, game development, and even thriving local MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) in the country.

This has resulted in many creative job opportunities where some professions don’t demand an arts and design bachelor’s degree. Nonetheless, having a degree in the field gives you an edge and opens more doors to a successful career. As one of the reputable arts and technology schools, we can attest that an education in the arts teaches you the fundamentals of your field and immerses you in the necessary experience. Hence, if you want to work as a Filipino creative, consider pursuing arts and design track jobs.

Arts and Design Track Jobs You Can Pursue

Design and art careers aren’t confined to creating artwork, such as painting and sculpture. In fact, as a budding creative professional, you can pursue a wide range of opportunities through the arts and design track.

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Graphic Designer

Average annual salary: ₱248,552

Graphic designers create visually pleasing digital and print media that gets the brand and marketing message across. Most commonly associated with advertising and public relations, graphic designers make logos, images, and design concepts, to name a few. They are also in charge of creating design campaigns.


Average annual salary: ₱347,586

Animators create 2D or 3D moving images using specific software. They create cartoons with multiple frames and art assets for video games, movies, and television series. Moreover, they also work in advertising campaigns.

Fashion Designer

Average annual salary: ₱325,000

Fashion designers create designs for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Aside from sketching their ideas, they also choose the materials needed to make the product. If you want to work as a fashion designer, you’ll need to know how to sew, too.

Interior Designer

Average annual salary: ₱247,377

Interior designers create beautiful and functional indoor spaces. Plus, they decide what decorative elements need to be present in the place. Some interior designers use certain software in creating blueprints. This helps them accurately plan interiors before implementing them in real life.

Web Designer

Average annual salary: ₱305,538

Web designers design, code, map the UI/UX, and maintain the pages of a website. Additionally, they work on a site’s aesthetic and layout. It involves fusing text with audio, video, pictures, and graphics.

Industrial Designer

Average annual salary: ₱309,226

Industrial designers build and plan the physical products that we use—from furniture to electronic devices to even cars. They design the features and other elements of the product before its production. Hence, they often work with manufacturers.

Art Director

Average annual salary: ₱371,875

Art directors lead and delegate work to design teams. They are the brains behind communicating with other artists, ensuring that each project is well designed and produced in accordance with the overall style or vision.

UX Designer

Average annual salary: ₱404,984

User experience (UX) designers are in charge of making programs intuitive and easy to use. They lean more heavily into computer science territory, but they’re still part of creative work too. UX designers ensure that products or services are engaging to get the interest of the target market. With their expertise in art, they’re expected to come up with designs to address usability, accessibility, and enjoyable factors of the brand.

Other Arts and Design Track Jobs

If your ideal job wasn’t included in the preceding list, you can look into other performing arts professions. Moreover, take note that the average annual salary for artists is at ₱420,000.

In addition, the artistic track teaches you skills that you can apply to jobs outside of the creative field. You can choose to pursue a career in marketing, where you’ll need to have an imaginative wit in order to create interesting strategies and content for products and services. Although you don’t need to be as crafty to succeed here, you do need a fierce passion for art.

The Impact of a Good Immersion Program on Your Career Choice

Work immersion teaches you what your career will be like outside of the classroom. If you’re pursuing an arts and design track or degree, this means you get to work alongside professionals in the industry.

It’s important to get into a school with a good immersion program in their arts and design track, because it exposes you to the daily tasks of a creative worker. As a result, you can better understand what you’re getting into. Otherwise, you might feel lost when it’s time to work independently without guidance. With good work immersion, you can decide effectively if an art and design track job is right for you.

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