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Art School: Honing Web Designers for Career Specializations

With the stiff competition going on in the labor market, lucky are the ones that hold a versatile job. A jack-of-all-trades appreciates the best of both worlds because he has the edge.

To become a jack-of-all-trades does not mean you are good at doing things in different fields. It can also refer to someone adept in just one field but also discerns how to use his skills to do other tasks.

Of the countless careers, web designers hold one of the most versatile posts. They not just design web sites but also perform other tasks. These tasks are also and can relate to the arts industry.

Areas of Expertise

In being versatile, you can try new stuff, compare the tasks, choose those that most interest you, and focus on the “best” one.

Below are career specializations for web designers.

  • WordPress Theme Design

As a web designer, you are so familiar with WordPress. Your exposure to this form of content management system will help you conceptualize good themes that you can customize without having to get tools and resources from others.

  • Typeface and Calligraphy

Art is within you. As a designer, you possess good skills in designing stylish fonts and texts. Use this talent on print projects, cards, and signs.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Designing a web site requires paying attention to search engine optimization. Even if you do not know how search algorithms work, you have learned several techniques to boost a site’s online presence. You can use many SEO tactics. These include AdWords campaigns, keyword placements, and creating responsive sites for mobile devices.

  • Logo and Other Visual Designs

Your skills can help you conquer other platforms. In fact, you can also show your illustrations through covers and books. You can even master the art of branding by creating logos and other outputs.

  • Advertising Design

This specialization is no stranger to you because designing can sell stuff. While you mastered the ins and outs of making an enticing web site, you will not find it hard to create an “offline” marketing material.

  • Web Content Writing

Nobody can doubt your talent in maximizing a site’s space. Perhaps you can also write web content pieces to fill a site’s space.

A web designer can hold these careers altogether or pick one to earn a living. He masters or can master other fields throughout his career.

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