Art Portfolio Building Tips for Senior High School Students

Media and Visual Arts School’s Guide to Art Portfolio Building

Applying in your dream media and visual arts school? Aside from the written exam, you should also impress them with your works. So, if you are looking for tips on how to start your art portfolio for college, you are on the right page.

Defining Art Portfolio

Behind every artist is a well-curated art portfolio. Format Magazine defined this as “a collection of work that represents your abilities, interests, creativity, and overall development as an artist.” Whether you are an illustrator, animator, painter, photographer, videographer, or designer; you must need to compile all your works. Aside from making your works organized, a portfolio also helps you keep track of your progress as an artist. It will record your works and let you see how your artistry evolved over the years.

Also, your art portfolio could also be your passes to success. Apart from one’s academic prowess, some Fine Arts schools also ask for art portfolio as part of their application. So, if you are planning to pursue this field, then it is better to build a portfolio at an early age.

Qualities that Media and Visual Arts Schools Look for in an Art Portfolio

Multimedia arts school asks for art portfolios to know the artist better. At times, some artists cannot say what they mean in interviews. However, their artworks speak a lot about them, their life, and their dreams. So, aside from test and interview answers, art portfolios can also be an art school application deal breaker. PrepScholar.com lists qualities that media and visual arts schools look for in an art portfolio:

Expertise. Art schools are keen to design techniques. They have high attention to detail that they see little mistakes. Thus, do not include works with dirty fingerprints.

Versatility. This involves the ability of the artist to create artworks on various platforms. Schools see this as a “sign of a talented artist and one who can apply their skills in multiple ways.”

Unique Style. Another thing they look for is the artist’s skill to create unique pieces. These arts shall embody the artist’s passion and personality. Great style also helps the artist stand out from others, thus creating a brand.

Art Portfolio Ideas for Beginners

Tips on Building Your Art Portfolio

Creating an art portfolio is not as easy as putting all your works together. It needs careful planning and creativity. Here are art portfolio ideas to help artists, especially senior high school students, start their own:

Start it early. Are you a senior high school student who wants to become a great artist someday? Compile all your works today and use this for your art school application. Starting it early will give you ample time and options later.

Research the application requirement. Many digital arts schools are strict with rules. Not following their rules might fail you from the process. Thus, it is better to read and understand their rules carefully before submitting your works.

Include works that highlight your strengths. Make it as concise as possible. If you have several outputs for a certain art technique, then it is better to choose the best one. By doing so, you will have enough space for your other works and showcase the diversity of your talent.

Consider including works-in-progress. Some artists include ongoing projects if the digital art school does not strictly prohibit it. According to Format Magazine, ongoing projects “can be beneficial if you believe that the work offers useful information about your artistic process.”

Curate your works properly. Be artistic in curating your works. Choose a concept that will make them see clearly your talent and passion. You may also ask for advice from your mentors and peers.

Final Thoughts

Art Portfolio is more than a bunch of artworks placed in a same file. It is an artist’s creative journey to achieve dreams. If you want to become one, CIIT Philippines offers Bachelor of Multimedia Arts to help you hone your skills. Contact us or visit our page for more details.

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