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The Best iOS and Android Fine Arts Apps for College Students

Aside from entertainment, schools can use mobile applications or apps as study buddies, more so for those enrolled in a fine arts school. From sketching, drawing, and painting to photo editing, here are the best Android and iOS apps for students enrolled in a fine arts course.

List of iOS and Android Apps for Students

iOS Apps for Fine Arts Students

iOS apps for students

1. Concepts (Classroom Edition)

The classroom edition of Concepts makes it easy, though, for fine arts students and teachers to both connect and create. In fact, it offers a flexible and built-in learning interface that links old learning tools, such as pencil, marker, watercolor, and paper, with a simple tap and hold.
Maker: TopHatch Inc.
Price: PHP 999.00

2. Procreate

For an app that earned the Apple Design Award and App Store Essential, Procreate, however, lets users make stunning sketches, paintings, and illustrations wherever they may be. In addition, its winning features are an advanced canvas resolution, 136 brushes, a new layer system, and the fastest painting engine on iOS to power it.
Maker: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
Price: PHP 499.00

3. Pixelmator

From advanced photo editing, full-featured painting and sketching, graphic design, and swift compatibility, Pixelmator is a compact layer-based image app fine arts majors would love to have.
Maker: Pixelmator Team
Price: PHP 249.00

4. Zen Brush 2

This time, Zen Brush’s latest form offers a new drawing engine that brings to life the strong yet lovely feel of the East Asian ink brush. Besides, the apps’ simple and intuitive user interface design optimizes it for creating Zen art.
Maker: P Softhouse Co. Ltd.
Price: PHP 149.00

5. Art Set

Art Set is likewise a stunning app that lives up to its name. In particular, it’s like having a virtual art set that lets users paint and draw through its photo realistic interface with tools that mimic the real thing.
Maker: LOFOPI Ltd.
Price: PHP 99.00

Android Apps for Fine Arts Students

android apps for students

1. Clover Paint

Tailored for touch devices, Clover Paint, in contrast, is a full-featured app that comes with an adaptable canvas size and a very stylish brush and layer system. In the same way, it offers hotkeys and shortcuts that enhance the user’s productivity.
Maker: FAREAST Inc.
Price: PHP 335.36

2. ArtRage

ArtRage, so far, is a realistic painting and drawing app that includes most of the tools from its desktop version. Along with a full range of easy-to-use drawing tools, it also offers many digital art and fun color mixing features.
Maker: Ambient Design Ltd.
Price: PHP 250.00

3. Infinite Manga

From conception to completion, Infinite Manga, otherwise, lets users create their own stories through easy-to-use features and navigation. Further, the app’s top features include a 3D book view, text bubble styles, and specialized modes for a guided workflow.
Maker: Sean Brakefield
Price: PHP 222.83

4. Fresco Paint Pro

With its filters, layers, and intuitive interface, Fresco Paint Pro, at length, is an app that never fails users. Likewise, designed for both novices and pros, it offers 4 layers, 21 filters, 12 brushes and an ad-free user experience.
Maker: Sean Wilson
Price: PHP 135.00

5. Paperless

From drawing and painting to coloring, sketching, and writing, these functions are all rather possible with the Paperless app. Then again, just the right stuff for fine arts school students, this app boasts of six drawing tools, a full-screen canvas, and layer-based images.
Maker: Early Melon
Price: PHP 91.68

Hence, enjoy learning Fine Arts with these cool apps for students. Meanwhile, if you want to get more fine points about the latest tools, see our blogs page.

Sources for Logo and Features: App Store and Google Play
Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels

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