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10 Most Useful Apps for Solo Travelers in the Philippines

You cannot find the qualities you seek if you don’t step out of your comfort zone. As young, adventurous and privileged individuals, solo travelers like you now seek freedom and adventure the most. According to Lisa Ling, traveling is the best education one could ever receive. CIIT, the top mobile app development school, explored today’s leading trends to search for the best travel apps for solo travelers that you must take with you!

Nowadays, Filipinos invest in traveling. As stated in Inside Manila, Agoda pointed an increase of 55% in Philippine domestic travel since 2017. International travel, on the other hand, increased by 21%. The rising number of travelers greatly affected the booming market of travel apps. Check out these apps to assure a smooth solo trip.

Top 10 Apps for Solo Travelers

When traveling, remind yourself to only pack lightweight travel essentials. Aside from bringing your basic needs, you should also download applications that can help you to stay on track. From trip planning to accommodation, these apps will surely help you have your best travel experience. To aid you, here are the top-rated apps for solo travelers.

Trip Planning Apps for Solo Travelers

apps for solo travelers: hopper

Save up to 40% on your next flight with this free app. It sums up billions of flights daily and informs you what flight is cheapest. It also guarantees you’ll never miss the best time and date to travel. In addition, hopper features “quick tap booking” that securely store people and payment info, so you can book right after you receive the notice.

apps for solo travelers: tripadvisor

This app offers various reviews from trusted solo travelers that you can use as a guide for your plans. The places reviewed are rated to validate its quality. TripAdvisor makes it easier to find the best flights, hotels, restaurants, and travel activities at relatively low prices. It offers booking options, offline city guide, and helpful advice to help you explore and make the right choices.

apps for solo travelers: looloo

Looloo is developed in the Philippines and is one of the most convenient apps for Pinoy travelers. This app is best known to help plan vacations ahead of time. It includes trusted reviews from unique travelers about different places, hotels, and experiences. It is also a social networking platform wherein you can interact with travelers across the country. Plus, you can save your preferred rental homes, experiences, and places!

Food Apps for Solo Travelers

apps for solo travelers: zomato

In Zomato, you can find the best restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars, and filter the results by location and cuisine name. The app is easy to use! You can browse through menus, photos, ratings, and user reviews to help you decide where to eat. It also offers food delivery and table booking on selected locations, including the Philippines. Highly suggested and reviewed, Zomato is indeed one of the most brilliant food apps for solo travelers.

apps for solo travelers: booky

Solo travelers seek cheap yet fun adventures. They believe there’s no time to get bored in a world as beautiful as this. With that, they often seek cost-effective restaurants to experience delicious, yet affordable food. Booky is an app that acquires people deals and discounts from different restaurants nearby. Also, it enables people to book reservations in different restaurants. Booky is best used when traveling in remote areas that have slow connections or limited signals. It can find restaurants nearby without the internet! Booky is—by far—the most utilized among all food apps in the Philippines.

Accommodation Apps for Solo Travelers

apps for solo travelers: agoda

Agoda is one of the most popular booking apps for solo travelers that allows you to select the dates of your check-in and check-out then customize the filters according to star rating, guest rating, price, neighborhood, payment options, property type, rental home or apartment, and facilities like any standard booking apps. What makes this app stand out? Firstly, it amazingly compares airfare tickets, so you can freely decide what flight to take. Also, Agoda aids you to get cheap shuttle services between the airport and your destination.

apps for solo travelers: hotels.com

According to TopTenReviews, Hotels.com is the best hotel booking service. Also, it has all the features we look for in a booking site. Hence, it conducts a detailed search of possible choices, the cheapest prices, and a rewards program that enables frequent travelers to earn back some of what they spend on travel. Hotels.com is perfect for travelers of all levels.
Whether you’re looking for a cheap room for your once-a-year trip, or you’re a business traveler who goes to conferences and meetings all over the country, it can find quarters that fit your needs.

apps for solo travelers: airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best mobile apps for solo travelers to book vacation home rentals for their journey in the easiest way. With custom search options offered, travelers can easily search the database any time as a guest. Airbnb made it easier to view apartments, condos, mansions and vacation homes. It tailors the search according to price, size, host language, and room type.

Navigation Apps for Solo Travelers

apps for solo travelers: google maps

Travel like a local with this app! Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about places. It offers re-routing based on live traffic, road closures, and incidents on the road. In addition, you can find pit stops like gas stations and coffee shops along your route.

apps for solo travelers: waze

10. WAZE
Unlike Google Maps, this app is a community-based traffic and navigation app that receives real-time updates from users in your locality. By using the app, you can receive or actively submit and report accidents, police traps, and other dangers that you can see on the road.

Truly, the outcome of your travel will depend on how well you have prepared for your trip. Finally, you can enjoy your “me time” and avoid travel hassles by downloading these free apps from Google Play or App Store. They are all easy to use and handy for solo travelers who love to explore.

Dreaming of Creating your Own Travel App Someday?

Finally, if you are a solo traveler who dreams of your own travel app someday, CIIT Alabang and CIIT Quezon City, the best mobile app development schools, offer short course or specialist course.  A mobile app development specialist course will equip you to be a competent app developer. You can also develop apps for solo travelers! Here, visit CIIT official website to know more about us.

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