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Anino Games and CIIT: On Fostering Filipino Ingenuity

Filipinos have long been known for their extraordinary creativity and resourcefulness. Unfortunately, not all of these talents are discovered, utilized, and cultivated. Apart from not having enough affordable educational institutions that will specifically cater to the artistic and creative minds of the Pinoys, less attention and encouragement is also being given to the industry.

On Shadowing Excellence

Realizing the country’s great need for qualified artists and designers, Anino Gamesand CIIT are both building a network of creative and skillful protégés. Both institutions are working to provide the best educational and gaming experience in the global community and to create a pool of designers that will consistently offer recreational products that can be downloaded and played by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Having been in the industry for years, Anino is composed of talented developers who are also passionate players. Its brilliant pool of professional staff enjoys working efficiently with each other towards a common goal, that is, to bring fun and entertainment to every single entertainment enthusiast in the world. Through CIIT, it seeks to share its expertise and guarantee quality and topnotch curriculum that will perfectly match the needs of the growing gaming industry.

The Road to Becoming an Anino Games Developer

Being a developer is not as simple as creating products that people can revel in. To be one, he/she has to be dedicated and passionate in bringing a high level of entertainment to all gamers. More than generating imaginative and innovative concepts, he/she also needs to work with a team, share his/her opinions, and come up with an ingenious idea that will surely attract the market.

In creating a world-class product, every creator must have a story board at hand. Moreover, he/she has to have a unique and interesting concept that will draw people’s attention, stir their interest, and challenge their intellectual abilities and wellness.

Apart from the creative talents and skills, the industry requires web database developers that are competentin using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, FQL, etc.While software engineers are the ones in-charge of developing products for Nintendo, iPhones, iPads, Windows, and Mac, any aspiring developer must alsoable to write clear codes. He/shemust be skilled in using C, C++, Java, Action, and OOP Script.

Shortcut to Excellence

As the leading and biggest third-party developer in the Philippines today, Anino Games is continuously creating state-of-the-art interactive products that give not only entertainment, but also pride among its many Filipino spectators. It continues to discover the ingenuity and inventiveness of Pinoy developers and provides them the avenue to produce world-class products that the country will be proud to showcase.

Via its partnership with CIIT Philippines, Anino further assures the quality and competence of its current and future staff. A member of the Cosmopoint Education Group from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and an academic member of the Game Developer’s Association of the Philippines, CIIT targets to hone graduates that will be known internationally as highly competent practitioners in their various fields and specializations. It seeks to be the premier provider of affordable world-class quality ICT education in the country and the biggest producer of highly qualified developers and designers.

At present, the Philippines contributes a mere 0.02 percent to the world’s gaming industry. Nonetheless, with the country showing gradual signs of expansion, Anino Games and CIIT are positive about the expertise and capability of the Filipinos to compete against the world’s best. They are confident that the country will soon find its place and will be able to showcase its exceptional capacity through patience, hard work, and topnotch education.

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