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8 Entry-Level Animation Jobs for New Graduates of K-12 or College

Are you a new graduate of an animation course seeking to grow your career? Maybe you’re one of the clueless neophytes eager to kick-start one. Despite naysayers, many jobs wait for college and senior high school students after they earn a degree in an animation course. Animation is an in-demand career path in the entertainment field, but also across fields such as education, medicine, marketing, and trade. Industries need skilled people with an animation degree. Hence, CIIT shares a list of animation jobs and their brief descriptions. This blog presents you the options in animation jobs for senior high school graduates and animation jobs for college graduates.

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Eight Animation Jobs You Can Dive into after You Graduate from K-12 or College


First in our list of animation jobs is creating compelling videos. Videographers craft and edit video clips for products or services and make and insert on-screen text and graphics in live productions. Many local firms hire non-degree video production experts and editors. Senior high school animation arms students with the basic knowledge; thus, most firms open their doors to aspirants who can show eagerness in learning innovative ideas. They also look for videographers proficient in using pro editing software such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro.

Background Artist

Are you skilled in creating backgrounds for animated and live-action films? Another job you can enjoy if you have an animation degree is as a background artist. You’ll draw, paint, or create outputs by hand, computer, or both. Further, this job asks for advanced skills in creating 2D and 3D backdrops.

Forensic Artist

Being an animator spurs interest in your personality; however, being a forensic animator is more appealing. You’ll recreate crime scenes and unforeseen fates from a variety of angles to help investigators find shreds of evidence and solve crimes. Although, in background animation, you may need to train in legal or criminal justice so you can join the field.

Mathematical Modeler

Most sites label this job as a 10/10 in difficulty and one of the most specialized branches of animation jobs where you can spark a career. You’ll use mathematical models to show procedures or solve complex problems. Likewise, you’ll encode main features of the procedures with equations before simulation. Through this, you can gain a deeper understanding of the procedures, conduct experiments, and predict future behavior.

Render Wrangler

If you are detail-oriented and can put your outputs in order, then apply as a render wrangler. This job checks and controls the rendering course round the clock to ensure nothing will delay the successful output. Most animations run with a huge volume of data in each project. Thus, your job is to take care how they finish and hold the needed storage space.

Texture Artist

This animation job is one the most crucial yet the most ignored part of the industry. You’ll be in charge of the surface textures of animated characters, settings, and props. Your goal is to create a realistic finish. This job asks for graphic design skills, imagination, and creativity to bring out your outputs closer to life.

3D Animator

In 3D animation jobs, animators produce images and record them to create an illusion of movements. Most animators work with countless well-known animation tools such as Maya, Blender, and 3DS Max. They theorize a project by communicating with clients and following specifications. Film and gaming industries have a demand for 3D animators to work on their various projects and make them stunning.

Visual Effects Artist

Visual effects artists create effects and clean up films and ads. They’re good at building an alternate, imaginative “world”. They also add natural or supernatural characters or effects to animated films. They use 3D lighting, special effects, and compositing tools to create lifelike visuals. In fact, a visual effects artist works with other departments on the best approach to solving issues and improving the final product.

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Are You Up for the Challenge Ahead to Find Animation Jobs?

Animation offers an array of job options where you can jump-start your career. However, you must have technical skills before hunting for job prospects. In fact, animation jobs suited for your skills and those that can increase your potential are available.

Do any of these jobs fit your skills? Boost your chances and earn a National Certificate Level 2 (NC II) from one of the first K-12 animation senior high schools in the Philippines. For more details, visit CIIT’s senior high school programs.

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