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Where to Find the Perfect Animation Course in the Philippines?

Do you dream of working in the video game, TV, film, or web design industry someday? If any of these fields excite you; then, you must hunt for the best multimedia arts college that offers the most inclusive animation course in the Philippines.

A Perfect Career Option

A thorough background in animation may lead you to a number of exciting careers and high-paying jobs. In fact, in a recent report released by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), it has listed animated film and cartoon production as among the top 10 high-paying industries in the Philippines.

Besides gaming, film, and other entertainment firms, a couple of businesses benefit from animation, too:


Through animated and interactive learning materials, teachers find it easier to teach complex lessons and engage their students in class. They help break down obscure concepts, visualize fuzzy theories, and set the tone for learning. As a result, students are more eager to listen and more motivated to learn.


When it comes to discussing difficult medical procedures and scientific ideas, nothing does it better or faster than 3D medical illustrations and computer rendered animations. They help simplify complex body systems by offering an accurate visual presentation of an otherwise perplexing medical method or research.


A great majority of architects these days use 3D models to show their designs to their bosses and clients. With the help of digital visualization software and tools, they can illustrate the architectural plan that they would like to apply in the entire project. This not only gives their audience the chance to view the proposed design and layout in advance, but also inspect and make some changes when needed.


Animation can be very useful to judicial and legal matters. Creating a 3D animation of events can be an excellent way to re-enact crimes and accidents and quickly describe or illustrate complicated arguments.


Engineers use 3D product animations during the early stages of their designs to test products and implement real-time changes. This helps ensure the efficiency and quality of the final product as well as display, visualize, and evaluate their outputs.

Due to the many uses and applications of 3D animation, the field offers unlimited careers and competitive salaries for both students and professionals alike. However, to hold a creative job in the industry, skills, artistic talent, and communication skills are essential. Thus, you need academic training.

The Best Animation Course in the Philippines

Since animation is a fusion of arts and technology, choosing the right school for this dynamic course is a big decision. Hence, you must think things through and assess your options carefully.

While there are number of art and digital school in the Philippines that offer animation courses, CIIT College of Arts and Technology is one of the few colleges that provides a multimedia arts degree and animation course at reasonable cost.

Students who study an animation course in the Philippines, particularly at CIIT, are not only skillful and trained. They are also ready to step into the real world and hold a position in the creative sphere. Check out CIIT’s program lists to learn more about the courses and special classes it offers.

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