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Amazing Things Digital Artists Can Do for Medicine

Now, art and technology have influenced even the healthcare industry. Medical illustrators are becoming in demand so are digital arts school where they can hone their skills.

Read on and discover more about this sought-after profession.

What Does Medical Illustrators (MIs) Do?

MIs are artists working in the field of medicine. They create medically and scientifically accurate artworks that are pleasing to the eyes. They translate complex info to support education, research, and business. From illustrations and interface designs to animations and storyboards, they create images that can interpret medical details easily and empower health literacy. Included in their tasks are:

  1. Making detailed illustrations for textbooks and other publications used by physicians and students.
  2. Illustrating the steps surgeons take during operations or drawing before-and-after pictures to show the effects of treatment or illness.
  3. Building body part models for seminars and lectures.
  4. Creating artificial body parts for patients who need them.

Where Can You Use Their Works?

Medical illustrations appear in all media and markets that broadcast medical, biological, and other relevant info. These include:

  • Ads
  • Web
  • Museums
  • TV and Film
  • Trade Shows
  • Health Games
  • Patient Education
  • Mobile Health Apps
  • Courtroom Exhibits
  • Medical Simulations
  • Interactive Learning
  • Textbooks, Journals, eBooks
  • Trade and Consumer Publications
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Simulators

Where Can You Find MIs?

You can find MIs working in various industries such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Centers
  • Publishing Houses
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Media Houses
  • Ad Agencies

What’s the Job Outlook for MIs?

MIs usually advance their career by improving their skills or specializing in a certain field. Those who work in health firms can become senior illustrators and supervise other artists. Those who work in ad and publishing houses, on the other hand, can oversee large-scale projects. They can shift into teaching or become freelancers to get more and better assignments.

The job outlook for this career will be good for the coming years because of its specialized nature and lack of qualified pros. It will remain viable due to the advancements in medical research. With the constant arrival of new treatments and technologies that require medical illustrations and animations, the demand for MIs that can explain and visualize them increases.

As for their earning potential, it will vary based on their experience, education, skills, job type, employer, and workplace location. MIs with diverse qualifications and responsibilities command higher fees. Some can also earn royalties from the artworks sold to stock image sites, publishers, and clients. 

How Will You Qualify as MI?

MIs need to create various illustrations to convey a specific content. If you wish to become one, you need to be accurate and passionate in both art and science. Moreover, you need to know a wide range of art methods and media production skills to meet the industry’s demands.

Since this profession is a crossover between medicine and art, you should have a background in both fields. Having an impressive portfolio can greatly help you, too.

Do you want to start a journey in this career? A degree or diploma in animation can arm you with the basic skills to grow into a medical illustrator or animator. CIIT, a prime digital arts school in the country, grooms its students to be the best in their field. Visit our website and get more information on the programs we offer.

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