Explore the Trends in Digital Marketing, Enlighten your #AITools

Understand the different potential of AI through our
AI Tools for Digital Marketing Course. Learn the skills and insights on how to leverage different Artificial Intelligence tools in the field of Marketing.

Acquire expertise in harnessing the power of AI tools for optimal utilization.

Develop a diverse range of knowledge to craft effective prompts that’ll maximize the efficiency of AI tools across various platforms.

  • Knowledge on the power of AI in the Digital Marketing field
  • Learn how to create the right prompts in AI tools 
  • Utilization of AI in Social Media
  • Important uses of AI in the Marketing and Branding
  • Week 1: Introduction to AI in Digital Marketing
  • Week 2: Prompt Engineering
  • Week 3: AI in Social Media Marketing
  • Week 4: Using AI for Personalized Branding
  • Week 5: Editing with AI
  • Week 6: Mastering Communications with AI
  • Week 7: Harnessing the power of AI
  • Week 8: AI Unleashed Frameworks & Case Studies
  • Individual license to different software
  • Access to all recorded sessions, lectures, and course materials
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • 100% online classes
  • Personal mentoring sessions with leading industry professionals
  • Certificate of Completion

  • Tuition Fee: ₱24,000

Why Choose CIIT?

Digitally Enabled Classes
There will be both synchronous and asynchronous classes. While students are encouraged to attend the live video conferences, they will also be recorded and uploaded so students can re-watch their lessons and work on the materials at their own convenience.
Industry Practioner Instructor
To guarantee a quality learning experience, we’ve selected industry practitioners who have had a wide experience in the course and are equipped to teach classes online. Most of them are also tenured Specialist Instructors who have been teaching these classes for years.
Coaching and Mentoring Sessions
Engagement will play a vital role in Specialist Virtual Classes. Hence, students will be given the time for coaching and mentoring sessions with their instructors where they can ask questions, consult regarding projects, or discuss their concerns.
Free Software
Practical learning is still pivotal in our educational approach. You will be given access to software applications that you need to study the course.
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Future Career

For AI in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Manager / Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Advertiser 
  • Brand Manager

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