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Advergaming: Perfect Reason to Take Game Development in College

The gaming industry has truly come a long way! Unlike before when developers produce games merely for fun and leisure, many of them now see its potential to help businesses earn profit. Today, many companies use games to lure potential customers and sway people’s buying decisions.

Advertising through Games

Various ad agencies and marketing firms have been using innovative campaigns in search for more clients and income. Now, marketers make the most of the public’s fondness toward games by using advergames to control users’ behavior or purchasing power.

Advergaming is a fusion of advertising and games to promote a product or service. Wired Magazine’s “Jargon Watch” column first coined this term in 2001 describing the free online games that big companies use to publicize their company or service. Here, they integrate their products into a game in an attempt to attract gamers and win new loyal patrons.

Advergaming is a breakthrough in the marketing field. It has encouraged consumers to use or buy the advertised product featured in the game. The impact of this approach is higher than traditional advertising because it offers:

  • Longer brand exposure
  • Entertainment
  • Brand experience
  • Brand awareness

Big firms such as Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Nissan, and many more have tried this form of campaign in the past. In doing this, they were able to educate, train, entertain, and inform their users of their products. Players can choose to play them online or through a CD or DVD.

A Wider Opportunity

The Philippines emerges as the largest gaming market in the Asia Pacific region. And as the game industry embraces mobile gaming, developers are up for a grander future. What’s more, diving into the field would mean security as advertising is here to stay. All businesses need promotional materials. They need the talents of game developers to help them promote their products and pull more clients to their products.

A Need to Invest in Formal Education

Advergaming will be a wealthy field. However, it would require excellent game creation and marketing skills to acquire all these benefits. If you desire to take this path, you will need to invest in education and improve both your creative and technical skills. You will need to choose the best game development college that can help you:

• Learn new techniques in infusing video games in advertising
• Acquire knowledge in game development
• Know basic marketing techniques to heighten customer engagement

So take advantage of this fast-growing trend! Find a digital school, like CIIT, that can hone your creativity and expert skills.

For more information about CIIT and its game development courses, you may visit www.ciit-ph.com.

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