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Why apply online?

With CIIT Online Admission System (COAST), you can complete your entire College application process from the comfort of your home. Answer the application form, pay your application fee, and take your assessment exam all securely online. You’ll even receive notifications and updates on your application process. Simply follow the steps below to take charge of your school application.

How do I apply?


Create your COAST account

Go to admissions.ciit.edu.ph and fill in the form. Take note that the email address you’ll use to create the account will receive all admission updates and notifications. So, make sure that you register an email address that you actively use. You can also register for COAST using your Google account. After, click “Sign up.”

Who can create an account?

  • First-year college applicants
  • College student transferees or Second Coursers


Submit application requirements

After registering your COAST account, choose College Application and fill in the necessary details.


Fill in the Mental and Medical Health Form

CIIT aims to give you the best education possible. But to do that, we have to know what you need from us by answering the Mental and Medical Health Form. Note that all information provided will be held in the strictest confidence, according to the Philippine Data Privacy Law.


Give your Evaluator’s Details

Once you have filled out the Application and the Mental and Medical Health Forms, we recommend that you complete the Evaluation Form. This will give your evaluator ample time to answer the form as you take your exam. 

However, if you’re still deciding on who you want as your Evaluator, you can skip this step and go back to it any time. Just remember that you won’t be able to enroll until your evaluator has submitted the form. Second Coursers aren’t required to submit the evaluation form.

Access this by going to your Student Dashboard > Registration Form > Evaluation Form. To check your Evaluation status, you can look at the bottom of the page under My Application Status. The green check indicates that the step has been completed.

Unlike most schools that ask for a recommendation letter, we made the process easier by turning this into a quick-to-answer form. All you need to do is provide us with the name and contact details of your evaluator. Then, we’ll automatically send them the form.

When choosing your evaluator, make sure that:

  • They know you well
  • They have held a position of authority in your school (ex: School Faculty, Adviser, Guidance Counselor)
  • They’re willing to answer the evaluation form to support your application


Also, remember to inform your evaluator that you’ve chosen them for your application process and that they’ll be receiving a message from us.


Pay the Admission Fee

Settle the PHP 500 non-refundable fee to continue your application process and book an exam. To do so, go to Student Dashboard > Payment Information > Pay Now.

You can settle your payment via:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • GrabPay
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • OTC or coins.ph
  • BPI Online
  • UnionBank Online
  • Atome


Schedule your exam

Schedule your exam after you’ve settled your fees. Do this as soon as you can as we only have limited slots for enrollees. The earlier you take your exam, the higher your chances of securing a spot at CIIT!

To book your exam, go to the Student Dashboard > Exam Schedule. We’ll then send you an email confirming your slot. 

Note that you can only schedule your exams from Monday to Saturday and that you’ll only have 48 hours to finish it. For example:

  • Exam Schedule: January 16
  • Exam Details: January 16 | 12:00 MN
  • Deadline for completing your exam: January 17 | 11:59PM


Take your exam

You’re almost done with your admissions process! All that’s left is taking the exam. 

On the day of your scheduled exam, go to your Student Dashboard > Exam Details. This page will contain all the information that you need for your test, including instructions and the actual link to your test. 

You can take your exam any time within the day as long as you finish it by 11:59PM the following day.


Wait for the Results

When we evaluate your exam answers, we’re not just checking your score. We’re also looking at your personal growth and determining how we, as an educational institution, can help you in that journey. Thus, we also consult with our faculty, industry partners and experts, and our staff on how we can improve our curriculum to meet your needs for the incoming school year.

You’ll be hearing from us after at least 10 business days for the result of your exams. You can also view the status of your results in the Student Dashboard > Exam Details.


Reserve your slot

After successfully passing the admission exam, wait for the Admissions Officer to discuss with you the reservation. We encourage you to reserve your slot as early as possible because we can only accept a limited number of students per year. Only reserved students would be accommodated for the early enrollment period.

We can’t wait to see you, future CIITzen!

Start your application now!

Here is a video tutorial of the whole application process.

Why choose CIIT?

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Start your application now!

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