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List of ABM Strand Courses You Can Pursue in College

Having a successful career in this modern era is attainable yet challenging. This is because of the strict competition among qualified professionals. If you want to thrive in your chosen career, you need to make sure that you’re ready for the battle in the real world. Hence, start preparing yourself by making the most out of your senior high school years. It also helps you find out how it can help you land your dream career. Explore the ABM strand courses and find out the various career pathways you can take.

What is ABM Strand?

In 2011, the Philippines shifted to the new learning scheme—the K12 curriculum—which intends to enhance students’ basic skills in specific areas and prepare them for their chosen career paths. Under this 12-year program are the three specialized tracks, one of which being the academic track that aims to teach core subjects to students who seek to pursue higher education. 

The Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) strand is one of the academic tracks in the current K-12 program. This course aims to teach vital concepts and skills related to business and finance. This knowledge is crucial for the next business leaders of our country. Aside from honing the skills, the ABM strand also seeks to provide senior high school students with real-life management and corporate operations experience. The lessons that they would gain from this program would in turn help them navigate through the cutthroat job world.

Many students struggle with career plans or courses to take. This strand is best for those who plan to advance in the corporate ladder or manage their business. Learn about the ABM strand and the careers awaiting you ahead!

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List of ABM Courses in College

Still thinking about whether ABM is the best strand for you? Read and learn more about the ABM courses in the country.


One of the in-demand ABM strand courses is accountancy. This program includes subjects that will help you develop basic accounting and financial skills. These subjects will teach you the fundamentals of auditing, business law, and taxation, which will help you understand the core of accounting college courses.

Aside from these skills, courses under this path seek to hone students’ attention to detail, which is crucial in this career. Every business needs an accountant, so the demand for accountants will continue to rise. The ABM accounting strand courses include:

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Accounting Technology

Business Management

Interested in the ethics, concepts, and principles of the business industry? The ABM strand is perfect for you! The program includes subjects that will tackle marketing, finance, human resources, and office management to prepare you for college.

Taking courses under this strand will also prepare students to get into business. Aside from that, it seeks to teach leadership skills through simulations to help future young leaders create better decisions for their own teams. The courses include:


Aside from accounting and business-focused courses, the ABM strand also covers a wide spectrum of management careers. 

This strand will also prepare you for corporate jobs through advanced clerical, administrative, and managerial skills. Aside from that, courses you can take under this strand will train you how to maintain peaceful relations with other countries. There are courses that will focus on global culture, laws, and ethics. Similarly, there are also courses delving into more focused sectors, such as: 

BS Business Management

  • BS Foreign Service
  • BS Tourism
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ABM Strand Courses for Better Job Opportunities

Find out ABM careers that you can pursue after completing the program. Read on and know which of these fit your career goals.

1. Accountant

Accountancy is one of the most common college courses chosen by students enrolled in the ABM strand. Based on a report, “the Philippines has one of the largest populations of qualified professional accountants among Asian countries.” Even so, it has remained one of the top services in the market required globally. Hence, the demand for accountants is projected to continue flourishing in the coming years. 

2. Project Manager

Every team needs a skilled project manager (PM) to execute plans smoothly. The role of PM in every sector is crucial because they lead and manage the entire campaign. They must possess finance and auditing skills to manage project resources. PM careers cover a wide range of industry, which is perfect for anyone who wants to manage small- to large-scale projects.

3. Marketing Executive

For tech-savvy people who want to explore digital ads, the ABM strand can also open careers for them. Similar to PM, these people are also crucial in every campaign. They handle most of the brands’ online and offline campaigns for better leads and sales. According to a recent report, jobs for marketing managers are projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030.

4. Entrepreneur

If you want to start your own venture, then the ABM strand fits your goals well. Unlike other office jobs, being an entrepreneur might be more challenging. Since you are the captain of the ship, added skills, grit, and patience are needed for a successful business. So, it’s best to develop this mindset early through ABM strand subjects.

5. Foreign Service Officer

Aside from private companies, the ABM strand courses also prove beneficial to careers in public service and foreign relations. A foreign service officer (FSO) is in charge of research, analytical, and clerical work for state missions. Aside from that, FSO must also know global laws and ethics to handle each task without causing disputes with other countries.

6. Cabin Crew

If you want to travel the world while working, you can be a cabin crew. Cabin crews are in charge of the entire situation before, during, and after flights. They manage the passengers and ensure a safe flight experience.

Learn About CIIT ABM Strand Courses

Your senior high school track will lead you to your career. That’s why you need to choose a program that is aligned with your target skills and interests. If you dream of building your own business or leading teams toward project breakthroughs, ABM strand courses are perfect for you!

CIIT offers senior high school strands that will lead you to in-demand jobs and fruitful careers. Our senior high school programs produce students who can adapt to the changing demands of the industry, both now and in the future. We also offer a college degree program in entrepreneurship to help you become the next business leader. Contact us now to find out more about our senior high strands!

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